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Daley ducking out before Burge sentence?

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If I had to guess, Rich Daley decided to hang it up as mayor because he'd like to spend more time with his family, because he's tapped out on ideas to fill the city's budget hole, because Chicago's failure to win the 2016 Olympics took away some of the fun, and because he's in his late 60's. As the mayor said, "It's time." Daley has always been a more complicated and well-rounded person than the title of "mayor" confers.

But Andrew S. Baer, a doctoral candidate at Northwestern, sees another reason for Daley's stepping down -- to duck the embarrassment sure to follow when a rogue Chicago cop who tortured suspects is sentenced in federal court next month for various charges involving obstruction of justice.

As Baer writes at History News Network, a website for historians weighing in on the issues of the day, Daley is looking "to escape scrutiny for his connection to a ring of over-zealous cops who forced confessions from murder suspects on Chicago's South Side from 1972 through the early 1990s."

Baer predicts the Burge scandal won't end with Burge's sentencing, but likely will lead to charges against other cops and officials directly or indirectly responsible for the reign of torture.

My guess is the Burge mess was the least of Daley's considerations when deciding to retire. He's been getting grief -- and ignoring it -- for years about his failure to do something about Burge back when he, Daley, was Cook County state's attorney. But Baer makes an interesting argument.

If you're unfamiliar with History News Network, by the way, it's a terrific website to drop in on once in awhile, well worth bookmarking. The historians and would-be historians posting there seem to share no one political persuasion, and they bring a perspective to current events you'll find nowhere else.

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Have trouble thinking the Burge sentencing would be much motivation for Daley to announce his own departure. Chicago is running out of places to find money, so facing tough cuts in the budget would be a much bigger reason to hang it up.

When the going gets tough, Daley quits.

My sentiments EXACTLY!
What puzzles I, is these "cops" rallied, last summer, around City Hall, claiming Daley owed them pay, wanting him to be exposed, but now that Daley isn't running for a 7th term, he won't be there to maneuver what WEIS does(and by the way, I don't really believe that Weiss really went along with Daley's ideas, just accepted the job; Daley thought he would)and NOW, they want WEIS out, because I believe they KNOW, that Commissioner WEIS, really isn't going to be a party to all of the corruption that Daley has participated in COVERING UP.
On the other hand, this may be politics being played, in an attempt to get Dalet TO run another term.
Most, that deside to not run OR resign, gives the reason that they want to spend more time with their families, but Daley, was smart enough to NOT used that method, to squirm from under the scrunity of JON BURGE!
PS: It's HOT, in the kitchen NOW, for I.A.G., is being EXPOSED ALSO, for some things that SHE, is involved in and it's NOT the girl scouts club!

Love how when Mayor 'Dealey' decides he's going to retire everybody starts kissing his butt. The city is in financial ruins. He spent 1/3 of what he took in from the long term deals privatizing our assets behind closed doors. 1/3. Anyone reading this will be dead before we get the skyway or parking meters back according to the contracts. Good news is that when we CHICAGO file for bankruptcy all deals will be off. That goes for people with 100,000 plus pensions who no longer living in the city, crooked spaghetti benders who have been taking 25% on construction deals when they could do fine only stealing 10%, and all of these ministers who preach from the pulpit but politic from the same smoky rooms as the afore-mentioned.

It's more then a little unfair to single this reason out as Daley's reason to end his run at Mayor. I bet he was more concerned with the fact that it was likely he'd lose the election anyways.

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