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Lawsuit sets stage for U.S.-Arizona battle over immigration

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Arizona's new immigration law has been the topic of perhaps more letters to the editor at the Chicago Sun-Times recently than any other issue.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Justice Department sued, challenging the law and setting up a legal battle between the federal government at Arizona.

Some of the Sun-Times letter writers asked that the text of the Arizona law be posted. Here it is.


Supporters of the Arizona law are not going to be happy about the federal lawsuit. The U.S. government, though, says federal laws override state laws.

The law was supposed to go into effect July.29

UPDATE (7/7): Jan Brewer, the Arizona governor, has canceled a meeting of governors from 10 U.S. and Mexican border states because six Mexican governors refuse to attend.

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We must now resolve this painful situation by ejecting all pro-amnesty incumbents from Washington, Sacramento, California and other Liberal stronghold State Capitol’s. We must start emulating Arizona policing laws, implementing a much more effective E-Verify and local law enforcement application entitled 287 (g). It is up to patriotic Americans and pro-sovereignty activists, to start determining who must be kicked out of office in November. Not just politicians such as Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), but Pelosi, Napolitano, but even Governors, Mayors and an assortment of elected city managers and officers. It is Time to discover who is—FOR-- America and those who will swamp this nation with cheap labor, while our own population remains jobless. The answers are at NumbersUSA. THE ONLY CHANCE OF AMERICA HAS OF STOPPING LOW WAGE LABOR, CRIMINAL ALIENS IS TO VOTE OUT PRO-ILLEGAL ALIEN LEGISLATORS. Prez Obama and his people may be kowtowing to ethnocentric groups, but he is alienating a large proportion of the US populace.

We do not need another 1986 corrupt Amnesty in which we not only inherited millions of poverty-stricken foreigners who we support financially to this day. But millions more clambered through the national border before and after President Reagan signed the law. ANY NEW AMNESTY WILL BE A GRAND REPEAT PERFORMANCE OF THE SAME. This illegal alien incursion goes back in blame to President Bush Senior and employers who demanded discount labor. Every citizen and legal resident (all legal Hispanics should stand for the "Rule of Law". Amnesty or any other immigration law, will also seriously effect you and your family?) to join the Tea Party and any other organization to stop President Obama's minions, as the costs incurred will be astronomical--INCLUDING OVERPOPULATION. Each year, the party in power imports into America at least a million more workers. YES! to highly-skilled. NO--to manual, cheap labor.

One thing for sure in states where there are countless numbers of illegal aliens, we better keep a careful watch on who votes? There are no verification processes in the majority of the States, other than registration, specifically in Nevada and California? The feds are currently filling a lawsuit against the State of Arizona, so it’s blatantly obvious to every law abiding American this is to grovel to the gigantic ethnic communities. They are looking for votes in November, as with Sen. Harry Reid's overwhelmed state where hundreds of thousands of illegal workers took jobs from Citizens-permanent residents. This happened in the entertainment, service and construction industry to lower honest wages. November is going to be a conclusively a significant year, owing that the tea party and pro-sovereignty and anti-open border organizations want illegal alien supporters out of their seats in Washington and every electorate around our nation. FACTS AND FIGURES AT IMMIGRATION COUNTERS.

(someone lifts Bud-lite 6 pack)


The Federal government has done absolutely nothing to stem the flood across the borders but they jump in with both barrels cocked and loaded to go after the only state in the nation that has done something about it. Where exactly are we headed with this?

The issue is the overriding of federal law. Federal supercedes state laws.
Tea Party activists are just a congregation of "white supreme" activists. Before you judge what I have printed here why don't you take a good look at the following that attend these rallies. They carry confederate flags, KKK members, bring guns, and other supremists are prominent at their rallies.

Not being a American of hispanic descent it is easy to agree with racial profiling because you obviously are not of the people that would attract profiling acativities.

Loss of ethnic celebrity in political power is your main fear. We are a diversified country or will be in the future-and it is hard to let go dominance once you've had it all the time. This is your real issue.

I do agree that we need immigration control but not by erratic means and ways that circumvent the constitution. Level headedness is neede here because there will be animosity towards a segment of the American citizenry. Vote out those that would deny constitution to those that "WERE BORN HERE

Federal laws are not being over ridden, they are being enforced. What part of illegal is unclear to you? And since when is federal law enforcement the only law enforcement that can enforce federal laws. This one is a non-starter from the begining. Fed goes down in flames.

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