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Is Quinn more of a mover and shaker than Brady is?

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For those seeking an early indication of how the Illinois governor's race might swing in the fall, here's one bit of minutia: At the Arlington Heights Fourth of July parade (which took place on July 5), Gov. Quinn busily shook hands of spectators lining the parade route. Bill Brady, whose slot in the parade was farther back, smiled and waved but - from my vantage point about a block from the reviewing stand - wasn't shaking any hands.

That wasn't the only suburban parade, of course: Quinn and running mate Sheila Simon also were signed up to march in parades in Elgin, Bartlett, Des Plaines and Evanston.

I don't know how many votes a handshake translates into. But Quinn seemed more determined to tap into that part of the electorate than Brady did.

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The Liberal Chicago media seems determined to build up Quinn, and tear down Brady. I think it's funny because in a year, I retire and get the hell out of this place. I hope the rest of you, especially you liberal media types, don't mind paying my share of the whopping tax increases the Democrats have in store for you.

You want free Healthcare and numerous other social services, be prepared to pay for them. Instead of that family vacation, or a little extra under the Christmas tree, be content that you did your part.

Funny I just was looking at facebook and there are multiple pictures of multiple city's 4th of July Parades that all show Brady out shaking peoples hands.

I don't believe for a second that Brady is any less friendly than Quinn or that he is not as much of a mover and shaker than Quinn. Looking at Quinn's record I don't see a mover or a shaker!

Considering Brady probably thinks all those "movers and shakers" from the Pride Parade are going to hell, I'm going to go with Quinn on this one. Tolerance and handshaking for the win.

If you're asking this question in a public forum, you need to do more research than your view from a single parade. I saw Brady all over the news and in a couple of parades myself shaking hands and working the crowds everywhere he went. And in Evergreen Park on Friday, the 60+ walkers I saw with Brady was a stunning contrast to Quinn surrounded by little more than his security detail. If he's such a "mover and shaker" where were all of the supporters he would naturally attract? Wake up.

what a sad year for us in illinois when our choice is quinn or brady. both are terrible candidates and out of touch with most of the people in illinois, including their own supporters. their supporters are behind them because they don't feel they have any choice. i love how we talk about all our freedoms and our great democracy yet in every election, local or national, i hear everyone, republican or democrat, say that they feel they are voting for the lesser of two evils. but i guess it makes sense when people are deciding the quality of the candidates for governor by how many hands they are shaking at a parade.

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