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In new mystery novel, no one in Naperville is safe

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Shane Gericke's fictional detectives Emily Thompson and Martin Benedetti keep stopping bloody crime sprees in Naperville, but is the city grateful? No.

When a criminal in Gericke's first book blew up Naperville's Neuqua Valley High School to smithereens, a group of parents asked local bookstores not to stock the title or invite Gericke to come speak.

"One woman told the bookstores: This man is bringing evil into our safe city and we don't like it," says Gericke, a former Chicago Sun-Times business copy editor who lives in Naperville.

Today is the official release date for Torn Apart, the third book set in the far west suburban Chicago suburb. (The first two books were Blown Away and Cut to the Bone.)

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Stop being so naive, Naperville is not so safe and does have it's evil. The city just doesn't allow all things being released to the media. Get your head out of the sand.

Thanks for the comments, Brian. You are right; Naperville does have its crimes and problems, but they are safely behind front doors and not on the streets. So it's hidden. But the really gruesome crimes I describe are the product of my overly caffeinated mind. Otherwise, the chamber of commerce would put a hit out on me :-) The reaction of that group of parents that Mr. Frisbie describes actually happened. It made me smile. I was hoping they'd burn my books, actually. Think of the television publicity that would have occurred!

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