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DuPage Airport expansion has been controversial for years

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When it comes to politics and real estate, some stories never seem to go away.

In the June 21 Chicago Sun-Times, Springfield Bureau Chief Dave McKinney reported on problems at the DuPage National Technology Park, which is in West Chicago, south of DuPage Airport and north of Fermilab.

Spread over 800 acres, the tech park was dedicated in 2005 and is billed as "North America's most advanced business park." But today, just two buildings have gone up there in roughly a decade, and only one is occupied.

Also, the $151,857-a-year executive director of the park came under investigation earlier this year after people complained that he rarely showed up for work.

But controversy over the property dates all the way back to the 1980s. That's when the DuPage Airport Authority went on a land-buying spree, funded by a special new tax on property owners in DuPage and three Kane County townships. Somehow, firms and individuals tied to top local and state Republicans profited from the expansion by the GOP-controlled airport authority. Many of the deals were done without bidding. Kane County officials objected, but couldn't stop it.

Officials then said they needed the land as a buffer area for the airport. That land now is the site of the tech park.

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DuPage County Airport is a perfect example of DuPage County big-government Republican corruption. Republicans like to talk about shrinking government, but when it comes to handouts to their rich buddies and airports for rich focks funded by the working class, they just can't get enough. Public libraries don't have enuogh money to stay open, but god forbid that the rich focks don't have a convenient, publicly-funded place to land their Cessna. What a sad joke of Bush-Cheneyan proportions.

The contracts related to O' Hare and Midwat are lucrative and so Daley's Machine Mob Combine will block any state legislation to allow Du Page to expand. It is all about $$ and kick backs to the Chicago Machine Mob Combine. Don't you rememebr that a friend of Daley's wife runs the O'Hare/Midway book/magazine stores?

If an expansion doesn't happen after 10 years, is it fair to call it an expansion? Or is it a boondoggle?

Just keep electing them, you idiots.

Is there really any difference between an Illinois Republican and an Illinois Democrat? It's silly to see some of you trade Dem vs Repub barbs back and forth, arguing that the other is more corrupt.......

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