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Fed prison: One place Chicago doesn't get five stars

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Chicago rates highly in many categories, but not apparently as an accommodation for federal prisoners.

At least that's what Piper Kerman writes in Orange Is the New Black, her recently published account of spending 13 months in federal prisons for drug-related misdeeds she'd committed shortly after leaving college.

Kerman spent most of her sentence at a prison in Danbury, Conn., but toward the end of her term she was transferred to Chicago to testify in a drug case. She refers to the Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center as "a tall, triangular fortress on a city block in the crowded Chicago Loop" with "a filthy, decrepit and disorganized R&D."

As she sat down with two other inmates, she writes, they, too "were staggered by how awful the Chicago MCC was; we agreed that it was hard to believe it was a federal facility. ... The misery of the women surrounding me rattled me, as did the pointlessness of every day that passed here, and the complete disrespect and indifference with which we were treated."

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1 Comment

I once was an inmate there as well, im not going to say the place it self was terrible because after all its jail but by it being a federal place or holding jail it should be a little better than state. But some of the personnel should be remove because they very much get away with a lot of things as well as the other staff at jails once u get sentence and some of the us marshals u r a prisoner but u should be still treated like a human being.It's a mental challenege as well to deal with

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