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Who ever said February elections were a good idea?

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State legislators finally did something smart -- and they did it quickly.

Miracles happen.

We're referring to the bill Gov. Quinn signed Wednesday to return the election primary to the third Tuesday in March.

In 2008 and 2010 the primary election was held early, on the first Tuesday in February.

This year was Illinois' first gubernatorial election in February.

The result? A record low 23 percent turnout.

The 2008 shift made sense. The General Assembly had moved the date to February in the hopes of making Illinois a player in the presidential election and to advantage Barack Obama.

But those days are over. We know now that a February date does little except guarantee low turnout, incumbency protection and an endless general election season (Sorry if you're tired already. The general election is still seven months away).

February balloting was worth a try. But much like our feelings in general for that cold and gloomy month adieu, we're glad to bid it farewell.

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