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A funny thing happened on Sarah Palin's way to Zanies

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Last week, the vice president of the Zanies - impressed by Sarah Palin's performance on the Tonight Show - gave her a standing invitation to perform a stand-up routine at the Old Town comedy club.

That got me wondering what her show might be like. So I turned to veteran Zanies comic (and my brother) Paul Frisbie. Turns out he had a pretty good idea what she might say:

"So it's great to be here, and, like in the old joke, I just flew in and the pilot's arms are still tired. Of all the 50 states, Chicago is one of greatest.

"I'm a big football fan because only Americans play football. And now that I have been in Chicago I am ready to coach the Chicago Bears because you can see both Michigan and Wisconsin from the state of Chicago, and you can sorta, almost even see Minnesota, doncha know?

"But that sculpture in front of City Hall, you can't tell what it is, so Obama should not have taken the taxpayers' hard-won tax returns and then spent it on bad, liberal elitist art when he was the governor of Chicago, you see.

"Here's one: Why did the chicken cross the road? Because only dead fish go with the flow but in this great democracy of ours you can go wherever you want, and when anyone tries to stop you the Department of Law there in the White House can just make them go their own way.

"Here's another one: How many liberal elitists does it take to change a light bulb? Everybody knows just one bulb doesn't use up so much electricity, that there would really be this global warming that the liberal elitists say there is, but there isn't really because look how cold it gets in Chicago, but I am from Alaska so I feel like I am right at home, doncha know, and would be proud to be your president if you vote for me in the upcoming midterm elections, you see.

"Thank you for coming and remember to tip the waitresses who are hardworking Americans just like you and me, like in my new job at Fox News where I have to work so hard that sometimes I have to make notes on my hands just so I can remember all the hard work I am learning. And make sure to order Zanies' famous nacho cheese dip, it's a great American dish. Thanks and goodnight, I'll be here all week."

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