To fist bump or not to fist bump

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Despite the growing popularity of the fist bump, as demonstrated by the Obamas and even President Bush, some folks hope the gesture doesn't take the place of handshakes ...

I'm not one of those people.

I'm what you call a germphobe. I would rather not shake a hand if I can bump it instead. Less exposure to germs that way, ya know? I can't resist the urge to scan the state of a person's fingernails before they touch me. I'm fully aware some people never learned to fully appreciate the wonders of hand-washing, yet they want to shake ... my ... hand.

Of course, I'm the same person who lets her dog lick her face, so what do I know? OK, so I know the fist bump is cleaner and hipper and might stop the exchange of germs that cause the common cold. So there.

Fist bumps rule!

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