McCain ignores 5,000 journalists

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Lately, John McCain has complained the media isn't giving him enough love.
His campaign recently released two videos showing all the loving the media gives to Barack Obama.
It is true that Obama's overseas trip this week received tremendous coverage, while McCain's recent trip to Mexico got scant notice.
But McCain is blowing off an invitation to address as many as 5,000 journalists attending the UNITY: Journalists of Color convention held in Chicago this week.
The convention organized by the four major minority journalism associations representing blacks, Hispanics, Asian-Americans and Native Americans with a mission to promote diversity in the media, has invited both of the major candidates running for president.
Both candidates were invited to speak Thursday night but Obama was in Berlin. Obama will instead speak to convention goers on Sunday morning, and it will be broadcast on CNN. McCain hasn't accepted the invitation.
When the UNITY conference was last held in 2004 in Washington, D.C., both John Kerry and President Bush spoke to the group of journalists.
There will be thousands of journalists at UNITY, most who don't normally get to cover a presidential candidate, and many of them would write about McCain's visit for their local news organizations.
It's time for McCain to stop whining about the media ignoring him, and pay attention to this large group of journalists willing to hear what he has to say.

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This is to shelter his temper and senior moments.

I agree McCain has not gotten his fair share of media coverage. Little or nothing has been said about his voting record on veteran health care or his nine out of ten chance of suffering from PTSD. Please feel free to copy the following request and email it those 5,000 reporters who seem not to have anything to report, ask them to report on the full McCain:

Please help us take the media to task for not giving full coverage to the subject of John McCain.

The media gives us full coverage of McCain's war hero history, writes numerous stories about how he was tortured for many years, produces hundreds of articles every time a vet speaks out for him and talks about the torture, yet no one in the mainstream press ever asks the question "could the man running for the highest office in the United States of America, a job with incredible stress, possibly suffer from PTSD"?

At present you can Google the words 'mccain ptsd' and approximately one half million hits will appear on the web, many of these are articles by veteran groups. Go to Google news section and try it and you may pull one or two. As you can see, there is still no real mainstream media coverage on this issue. Seems they will do article after article on the actual torture but not the final probable result.

“Among U.S. servicemen taken captive during the Korean War, as many
as nine out of 10 survivors may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental disorders more than 35 years after their release, psychologist Patricia B. Sutker of the New Orleans Veterans Administration Medical Center and her colleagues report in the January AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY.”

McCain has a nine out of ten chance of having PTSD, displays many of
the symptoms, yet no one in the mainstream press will question this.
'Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, can result from wartime trauma such as suffering wounds or witnessing others being hurt. Symptoms include irritability or outbursts of anger, sleep difficulties, trouble concentrating, extreme vigilance and an exaggerated startle response.'

Before the Iraq war many of us begged the media to fully report on the wmd in Iraq, how it got there, who helped to supply Saddam and to report on previous administrations dealings with Iraq. We were told it was ancient history. The media 'apologized' years later for their failure to fully report the war.

Today, we are asking the media if John McCain is emotionally fit to
serve as the President of the United States. Will they consider this ancient history as well? Surely the voters deserve to know prior to the fall election.

Thank you.

McCain clearly knows what’s best for the country, as is made clear here. He knows, also, that life isn’t best lived seriously. Why so serious, he asks? Get your War On! – check out the animated promo at the comedy news site

McCain didn't ignore it.

McCain had a long standing committment to a Lance Armonstrong cancer event on thursday evening when they asked him to attend.

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