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Wurst first!

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Finally, bratwurst aficionados can rest easy. A parchment from the golden year of 1432 has been produced proving the Thuringian Rostbratwurst was regulated by a German purity law long before beer. Before the legendary Reinheitsgebot, that is, which only started getting regulated in 1516.

So now Hillary Clinton, that prank-loving politician we love so much, says she was kidding when she offered up Barack Obama's kindergarten and third grade essays — the ones in which he said he wanted to be president when he grew up — as proof he has been fibbing about not always wanting to be prez.

Reporters who received the press release calling attention to the essays say it was straight-on serious and that Hillary never, ever, is anything but in such matters.

K-Paz Rest in Peace

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Sergio Gomez, a popular musician and former Chicagoan, was tortured and murdered in Mexico.
He was the lead singer of a band called K-Paz de la Sierra, which translates "what peace from the mountain range."
His death was anything but peaceful. His American Dream has tragically come to an end.


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Oh, the envy coursing through local football fans when it appeared that Mizzou — the University of Missouri, of all schools — was a step away from playing for the national championship. There they were a week ago, only one victory away from making it to the title game, something they had never done before.

But then came the Oklahoma game and blam! Goodbye 'zou.

And on came our own uplifting squad, the University of Illinois, upsetters of mighty Ohio State. The Ilini are headed to the Rose Bowl. Who coulda predicted that?

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