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78 who might be great boys volleyball players

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The 2011 Chicago Sun-Times boys volleyball preview will be released soon, including the names of the top 50 players in the area. Here are 78 area players who did not make the top 50, but could make a significant contribution to their team's success in 2011.

Nikola Antonjevic, 6-8, Sr., MH, Stevenson
Mario Ascencio, 5-11, Jr., S. Loyola
Jacob Barber, 5-10, Jr, OH, Plainfield North
Sean Blackwood, 6-5, Sr., OH, Lincoln-Way Central
Jon Bolek, Sr., S, Deerfield
Bryan Bonamarte, Sr., MB, Libertyville
LJ Booth, 6-6, Jr., MH, Hinsdale Central
Dustin Borenstein, 6-3, So., OH, Highland Park
Matt Calloway, 6-6, Jr., MH, Wheaton Warrenville South
Joseph Coyne, 5-7, St., Libero, New Trier
Colin Denny, 6-2, Sr., MH, Brother Rice
Joseph Farrell, 6-5, So., OH, Glenbard East
Joe Fashingbauer, 6-0, Sr., S, St. Rita
Michael Fitzgibbons, Sr., OH, Carmel
Jason Fox, 6-2, Sr., OH, Sandburg
Mike Frederick, 6-0, Sr., L, Oak Park
Luke Furman, 6-0, So, S, Waubonsie Valley
Vince Gabuzzi, 6-5, Sr., RS, Glenbrook South
Taylor Ganzer, 6-0, Jr., S, Barrington
Andrew Gates, 6-0, Sr., OH, New Trier
Justin Ginter, Sr., S, Palatine
Kevin Groper, 6-2, Sr., RS. Sandburg
Matt Guerrieri, 5-9, Jr., L, Plainfield North
Derek Gulmond, 6-4, Sr., RS, Evanston
Kris Hawkins, 6-2, Sr., RS, Lake Forest
Kevin Hobbs, Sr., RS, York
Mark Hogan, 6-4, Sr., OH, Lyons
Luke Jacobson, 6-4, J., MH, Glenbrook North
Thomas Jaeschke, 6-6, Jr., OH, Wheaton Warrenville South
Paul Juska, 6-1, Sr., OH, Loyola
Kris Hawkins, 6-2, Sr., MH, Lake Forest
Daniel Kaplan, Sr., MH, Deerfield
Eric Kluge, Sr., MH, Hinsdale South
Martin Krasuski, 6-4, So., OH, Metea Valley
Matt Krese, 6-7, Sr., MH, St. Francis
Sam Kull, 6-5, Sr., MH, Downers Grove South
Luke Ladowski, 6-2, Jr., OH, Benet
Bobby Lenderman, 5-11, Sr., L, Hinsdale Central
Tommy Leonard, 6-8, Jr., MH, Barrington
Pat Livingston, Jr., OH, Maine West
Dylan Maziur, 6-3, Sr., RS, Oak Forest
Paris McFall, 6-6, Sr., OPP, Downers Grove South
Kyle Moore, 6-1, Jr., OH, Lake Forest
Kevin Morrison, 6-1, Sr., OH, Marist
Kevin Murphy, 5-8, Sr., L, Marist
Andrew Muys, 6-5, Sr., OH, Sandburg
Sean O'Connor, 6-10, Sr., OH, Warren
Austin Overby, 6-5, So., OH, Lincoln-Way Central
Eric Phillips, Sr., RS, Antioch
Brian Pomorski, 6-2, Sr., RS, Brother Rice
Piotr Rafalo, 6-8, Jr., MH, Glenbrook South
Andrew Regnery, 6-1, Sr., MH, Hinsdale Central
Colin Rudnick, 5-8, Sr., S, St. Ignatius
Bryan Ruggiero, 5-11, Sr., S. Downers Grove South
Josef Santos, 5-8, So, L, St. Francis
John Savickas, 6-5, Sr., MH, Minooka
Dillon Schaeffer, 6-4, Sr., OH, Warren
Scott Schwartz, 6-7, MH, Glenbrook North
Alex Severson, 6-3, Sr., MH, Lincoln-Way Central
Tim Shenkin, 6-5, Jr., MH,. Glenbard East
Danny Slutsky, 5-10, Sr., S, Glenbrook North
Jesse Solomon, 6-5, Sr., OPP, New Trier
Thomas Stevens, 6-2, Jr., OH, Neuqua Valley
Michael Storm, 6-3, Jr., OH, Waubonsie Valley
Dan Swiec, 6-2, Sr., MH, Fremd
Jordan Thompson, 6-1, Sr., MB, Downers Grove North
Parker Tortorello, 6-0, Jr., OH, Mundelein
Simon Tran, 6-2, Sr., MH, Lane Tech
Armin Trgo, 6-1, Sr., OH, Addison Trail
J.P. Tulacka, 6-6, Jr., MH, Downers Grove North
Everardo Valencia, 5-11, Sr., OH, Morton
D.J. Valenti, 6-5, Sr., MH, Oak Park
Stefan Vidovich, 6-3, Jr., MH, Libertyville
Bennett Wakenight, 6-5, Sr., MB, New Trier
Bobby Walsh, 6-6, Jr., MH, Mt. Carmel
Dan Weishar, 6-3, Sr., OH, Brother Rice
Ben Wilks, 6-3, S., OH, Oak Park
Tim Zyburt, 6-6, Jr., OPP, Wheaton Warrenville South

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I hope Niles Norths Andre Shaw made the top 50 at least the kid had 218 kills 41 solo blocks 18aces all conference 2010 an all area by the sun times

That kid was definitely not all area in the Sun Times. What club does he play for?

What about Warren Townships new Setter?

Very impressive list, however, I find it hard to believe Nikola Antonjevic is not in your top 50. He was on the USA Volleyball High Performance Youth National Team, representing the US in the International Jr. Olympics last summer.

What about Lake Forest's new middle?

He was on the all area by chicago tribune for all conference players and he doesnt play club but 218kills 41 solo blocks is pretty impressive as a middle blocker (Andre Shaw)

Glenbard West High School-
Adam Lepold
Kevin McGinnis
Alex Kahn
Ian Lawson
Alex Emanuel -
Top players

What about Glenbard West????
Adam Lepold - 3 year varsity
Kevin McGinnis - 3 year varsity
Ian Lawson - 2 year Varsity junior
Alex Emanuel - 2 year Varsity junior
Alex Kahn - UP AND COMING- Amazing

when is the top 50 coming out?

I watched Ray Riordan of Hinsdale South hit 19 kills on Tuesday night being set by Eric Damon.

Carmel's middle hitter, 6-foot-4 Jack Butler, is the Corsairs' most potent weapon. He had 9 kills in 10 attempts last night. He played for RTVBC.

I think there are a few kids that should be looked at in my opinion;

Greg Sims - Maine South
Jake Rictker- Maine South
Scotty Adamzky-Maine South

Lucas Rytel-Glenbrook South
Charlie Tisch-Glenbrook South

Alex Cook-New Trier
Eric Kerr-New Trier

Henry Lamp-Lake Forest

Just a few I got a chance to watch recently.

Christian Harris - Joliet Catholic

scott whitaker- jr libero, neuqua valley... watch out for this kid!

Scott Whitaker, neuqua valley.. kids raw

What about Mundelein's middle? He has sick hair, and a great athlete.

this list is not true. just a buncha spri kids

Only 12 Spri kids. This list isn't perfect, but it's not bad either.

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