By Pat Brozynski

Sixteen is not such a good age in Illinois

| 1 Comment | No TrackBacks recently released its list of the top 16s club teams in the country. The top 10 16s club teams are listed along with the ranked teams from Illinois.

2011 Pre-Season National 16s Club Rankings

19. "Be Good" Sports Performance (Illinois)
The Facts: Though I am being told by the CRT that Sports Performance has never stood out at this age group, I'm thinking this is the year with a roster that includes two terrific, tall setters, 6-1 Lauren Carlini and 6-3 Meg McDowell. Jessica Brezwyn, who played for Lions last year, and Dakota Hampton, who emerged as a threat for Sandburg HS during the fall, are two that coach Lisa Jablonski are banking on.

The Pun: Take away the "L" and she's a fiery leader. Add a "Y" and she's a steal for this team. Either way, we like defender Colleen Larson.

20. "Quench Your" 1st Alliance (Illinois)The Facts: Coach Beth Keck says this super athletic group will look a lot different from the Lions team that took the floor a year ago. Standout setter Sophia Dodd returns to lead the troops, but she will probably have two new attackers on the left in Mallory Salis, who led nationally-ranked Marist in kills during the fall, and raw but athletic Danielle Schroeder. Another newcomer to watch is 6-1 leaper Hanna Lee, who will team with 6-3 Anna Vrhel to create a formidable tandem in the middle.

The Pun: Brittany Zeeb rah!

The Next 10
27. Sky High (Illinois)

High Honorable Mention
Rolling Thunder (Illinois)
SWI (Illinois)

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You might want to address this headline in the future after 1st Alliance dominated the field at GLC's Presidents Day tournament. The only set they dropped all weekend was to their own #2 team. The field included seven of the pre-season top 20 including KIVA (Kentucky), CYC (Missouri), DFFO (Michigan), Sting (Wisconsin), A5 (Georgia) and 3-4 other honorable mention teams from Texas, Michigan and Missouri. Illinois' SPVB Elite, Roling thunder, Swi, and Fusion also represented the state well.

From my view this past weekend, 16 was a VERY good age for Illinois as proven by results on the court.

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