By Pat Brozynski

Two hundred reasons to watch volleyball in 2011

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(Editor's note: This is the third of a three-part look ahead at the 2011 season.)

Here are 200 players to watch (listed alphabetically with this year's class standing) in 2011:

Vanessa Abenante, 5-8, Jr., OH, Lisle; Tina Aguirre, 5-9, Jr., OH, Rantoul; Katie Aiello, 5-5, Jr., L, St. Edward; Jessica Allhands, 5-11, Jr., OH, Watseka; Najoua Alliouala, 5-10, Jr., OH, Romeoville; Amelia Anderson, 6-1, Jr., MH, Crystal Lake Central; Sharon Anderson, 5-8, So., S, Hinsdale South; Ryann Arundel, 5-8, Jr., S, Mother McAuley; Rachel Baader, 5-9, So., OH, Stevenson; and Erienne Barry, 6-0, So., S, St. Charles East.

Klaudia Basierak, 6-0, Jr., MH, Grayslake Central; Payton Bayless, 5-6, Jr., S, West Chicago; Alyssa Baznik, 5-10, So., S, Naperville Central; Emily Becker, 6-0, Jr., MB, Belleville West; Samantha Bedard, 5-7, Jr., S, Breese Mater Dei; Meghan Behm, 5-8, Jr, OH, Prairie Ridge; Laura Behrens, 5-11, Jr., OH, Lincoln-Way East; Courtney Bemis, 6-0, Fr., MH, DeKalb; Emily Bemis, 6-1, Jr., OH, DeKalb; and Sara Birk, 5-9, Jr., S, Belleville Althoff.

Tara Blake, 5-8, So., OH, Marian Central; Jessica Boddy, 6-3, Jr., OH, Metea Valley; Meredith Boe, 5-10, Jr., S, Bloomington Central Catholic; Sam Boesch, 5-11, Jr., OH, Huntley; Caitlin Brauneis, 5-10, So., S, Prairie Ridge; Jessica Brezwyn, 5-9, So., OH, Hinsdale South; Brittany Brown, 5-11, Jr., OH, Nazareth; Emily Brown, 5-6, Jr., OH, Lemont; Anna Bryniarski, 5-10, Jr., OH, Lockport; and Stephanie Budlong, 5-9, So., OH, Wheaton Warrenville South.

Emily Burger, 5-10, Jr., OH, Bloomington; Brittany Busscher, 5-10, Jr., OH, Mundelein; Emma Cabutti, 5-9, Jr., OH, Mahomet-Seymour; Lauren Carlini, 6-0, So., S/OH, West Aurora; Maureen Carls, 5-11, Jr., OH, Andrew; Megan Cassagrande, 6-0, Jr., MH, St. Thomas More; Stephanie Cathcart, 6-0, So., MB, Trenton Wesclin; Karen Chin, 5-8, Jr., S, Mundelein; Grace Churney, 5-10, Jr., OH, St. Francis; and Dani Clark, 5-9, So., OH, Kirkland Hiawatha.

Alexis Clemons, 5-9, Jr., OH, Decatur St. Teresa; Julia Conard, 5-9, Jr., OH, West Chicago; Sammy Condon, 5-11, So., OH, Naperville Central; Veronica Dabrowski, 6-1, Jr., MB, Rolling Meadows; Rachel Dalton, 6-1, So., MH, Marist; Ally Davis, 6-1, Jr., OH, Hinsdale Central; Danielle Davis, 5-8, So., OH, Bloomington Central Catholic; Victoria Day, 5-7, Jr., OH, Prairie Ridge; Melissa Deatsch, 5-11, So., OH, York; and Amanda Dee, 5-7, Jr., L, Barrington.

Becky DeRuiter. 6-0, So., MH. Chicago Christian; Amy Dion, 5-6, Jr., L, Huntley; Kelsey Dirks, 6-3, Jr., MH, Robinson; Sophia Dodd, 5-10, So., S, St. Ignatius; Imani Droogan, 5-10, Jr., OH, Bolingbrook; Katy Dudzinski, 6-2, Jr., MB, Kaneland; Rachel Durchholz, 5-8, So., OH, Mt. Pulaski; Casey Durham, 6-3, Jr., OH, Evanston; Renee Enz, 5-9, Jr., S, Wilmington; and Samantha Epenesa, 6-0, Jr., OH, Edwardsville.

Kelly Feigh, 5-10, Jr, OH, Joliet Catholic; Abby Fesl, 5-10, So., S, Hersey; Britanny Finke, 5-10, Jr., OH, Harvard; Katie Fitzgerald, 5-10, Jr., OH, Maine West; Brigitte Foltz, 6-0, Jr., MH, Rockford Christian; Abbie Foster, 5-5, Jr, DS, Quincy; Lexi Frese, 5-11, Jr., RS, Quincy; Haley Gable, 5-10, Jr., OH, St. Francis; Katie Gallagher, 5-8, Jr., S/OH, York; Krissa Gearing, 5-10, Fr., OH, Bolingbrook; and Abby Gilleland, 5-10, Jr., S, Marian Central.

Alexandria Gober, 5-7, Jr., S. Edwardsville; Brianna Grant, 5-11, Jr., MH, Antioch; India Green, 5-9, So., S, Quincy; Jessica Greer, 5-6, Jr., MH, First Baptist; Mary Grassano, 5-5, Jr., L, St. Ignatius; Mallory Gross, 5-7, Jr., S, Clifton Central; Celaine Haan, 5-6, Jr., L, Chicago Christian; Kelsey Haas, 5-11, Jr., OH, Hersey; Madeline Haggerty, 6-1, Fr., OH, Benet; Meghan Haggerty, 6-2, Jr., MH, Benet; and Brian Hailey, 5-9, Jr., MB, Schaumburg.

Dakota Hampton, 6-1, So., OH, Sandburg; Kaitlyn Harrison, 5-8, Jr., OH, Bloomington Central Catholic; Arianna Hayden, 5-9, Jr., OH, DeLaSalle; Abby Heise, 6-2, Jr., S/MB, Springfield Lutheran; Erinn Hellweg, 6-0, Jr., OH, Wauconda; Kaimara Herron, 5-11, Jr., MH, Payton; Jill Hickey, 5-3, Jr., L, Joliet Catholic; Ciara Hill, 5-10, So., OH, Bolingbrook; Ashley Holder, 5-7, Jr., S, Marist; and Dariyan Hopper, 5-8, Jr., OH, Minooka.

Emma Hussey, 6-1, Jr., OH, Marian Central; Jenna Jacobson, 5-10, Jr., S. Whitney Young; Melanie Jereb, 6-1, Jr., OH, Cary-Grove; Jenna Jendryk, 6-0, Jr., S, Benet; Joy Johnson, 5-11, Jr., OH, Barrington; Kara Johnson, 5-9, So., OH, Champaign Centennial; Kim Juriga, 6-1, Jr., OH, St. Charles North; Maggie Kamp, 6-1, Jr., OH, Chicago Christian; Taylor Kasal, 6-1, Jr., OH, Downers Grove North; and Rachel Kent, 5-10, So., OH, Hinsdale South.

Kara Kentner, 5-9, Jr., OH, Sandburg; Kelly Koutnik, 5-11, So., OH, Schaumburg; Kellie Kuzmanic, 6-0, Jr., MH, Wheeling; Nichole Lambert, 6-1, Jr., MH, St. Charles East; Payton Lang, 6-0, So., OH, Barrington; Brittay Langley, 5-10, Jr., OH, Winnebago; Tori Lanzillotti, 5-10, Jr., OH, Lake Forest; Ivy Lei, 5-10, Fr., S, Naperville Central; Alyssa Lelm, 5-11, Jr., MB, Deer Creek-Mackinaw; and Madison Lenzini, 5-11, Jr., OH, Whitney Young.

Marie Less, 5-8, Fr., OH, Decatur St. Teresa; Emily Lindemulder, 5-11, So., MH, Chicago Christian; Megan Litoborski, 5-8, So., S, Lemont; Cydney Long, 5-7, So., RS/S, Springfield Lutheran; Abbie Magrini, 5-6, Jr., L, Mahomet-Seymour; Meghan McDowell, 6-2, Jr., OH, Hinsdale Central; Katie McGrath, 5-10, Jr., MH, Grayslake North; Sydney McPhillips, 5-8, So., OH, Mother McAuley; and Megan Miller, 5-4, Jr. DS, Lyons.

Nora Mitros, 6-1, Jr., OH, Providence; Alison Mueller, 5-11, Jr, OH, Breese Mater Dei; Kelsey Mueller, 5-11, So., MB, Freeburg; Maisey Mulvey, 5-7, Jr., L, St. Charles East; Melissa Nava, 5-11, Jr., MH, Hinsdale South; Mary Nilles, 5-11, Jr., OH, Batavia; Meghan Niski, 5-10, Jr., OH, St. Charles East; Carolyn Nojiri, 5-6, So., L, Downers Grove North; Cassie Norman, 5-7, So., S, Tri-Valley; and Shannon Nugent, 5-10, So. MH, Vernon Hills.

Amanda Orchard, 6-0, Jr., OH, Lake Zurich; Dena Ott, 5-6, Sr., L, Marian Central; Kaitlyn O'Reilly, 5-10, Jr., S. Burlington Central; Kristen Pedersen, 6-1, Jr., MB, Hersey; Stacy Perinar, 6-0, Jr., OH, Minooka; Amanda Perry, 5-10, So., OH, Glenbard West; Kate Phalen, 5-8, Jr., OH, Wheaton Warrenville South; Kaitlin Phillips, 5-6, Jr., MB, Hinckley-Big Rock; Taylor Pippen, 6-0, Jr., OH, Carmel; and Kathryn Polkoff, 6-2, Jr., MH, New Trier.

Holly Pollock, 5-10, Jr., OH, Normal Community; Bridget Powell, 5-6, Jr., L, Mother McAuley; Kristin Rauh, 5-10, Jr., MH, Metamora; Morgan Reardon, 5-11, So., OH, Joliet Catholic; Jordan Reifsteck, 5-7, Jr., L, Oswego East; Catherine Richards, 5-10, So., MH, Payson Seymour; Kerry Risley, 6-0, Jr., MH, Libertyville; Lauren Robertson, 5-8, Jr., OH, Joliet Catholic; Kylie Romeo, 5-8, Jr, S, Moline; and Ashley Rosch, 6-1, Jr., MB, Cary-Grove.

Caroline Rose, 5-8, Jr., OH, York; Katie Roustio, 6-1, So., OH, O'Fallon; Rachel Rush, 5-10, Jr., OH, Mendon Unity; Caleigh Ryan, 5-9, So., OH, Glenbard West; Mallory Salis, 5-9, So., OH, Marist; Camrey Saye, 5-11, Fr., OH, Edwardsville; Lizzy Scanlon, 5-10, Jr., OH, Mother McAuley; Madeline Schoen, 6-0, Jr., RS, Belleville Althoff; Sam Schrenker, 6-1, Jr., MH, York; and Brooke Schulte, 5-10, Jr., OH, Breese Mater Dei.

Michelle Schultz, 5-9, Jr., OH, Payton; Layne Self, 5-10, So., MH, Lake Zurich; Morgan Semmelhack, 6-0, Jr., MH, York; Rachel Sieracke, 5-10, So., MH, Lakes; Heidi Sierks, 5-9, Jr., S, Lake Forest; Danielle Siwik, 5-8, Jr., S, Prospect; Andrea Skipor, 6-3, So., RS, West Chicago; Mercedes Sparks, 5-9, Jr., OH, Toledo Cumberland; Hannah Stanley, 5-8, Jr., S, Rockford Guilford; and Sarah Stevens, 6-3, Jr., MB, Prairie Ridge.

Jill Stoltzenburg, 6-0, Jr., MB, St. Charles North; Kacie Storm, 5-10, Jr., OH, Geneseo; Lisa Studnicka, 5-11, Jr., OH, Waubonsie Valley; Megan Tallman, 5-8, So., S, Wauconda; Taylor Tashima, 5-10, Fr., S, New Trier; Julia Thompson, 5-10, So., OH, Barrington; Kate Thuestad, 5-10, So., MB, Indian Creek; Maddie Timmerman, 5-10, Fr., MH, Breese Central; and Meredith Timmons, 5-8, Jr., OH, Breese Central.

Jane Trazka, 5-10, So., OH, Glenbard South; Taryn Trubich, 5-9, Jr., OH, Plainfield Central; Jessie Tulacka, 6-2, Jr., OH, Downers Grove North; Cara Tyrrell, 5-7, So., DS, Westminster Christian; Katie Urchell, 5-8, Jr., OH, Providence; Ellie VanKeirsbilck, 5-8, So., S, Hinsdale Central; Alexis Viliunas, 6-1, Jr., OH/S, Lyons; Jenny Vliet, 6-1, Fr., S, Rolling Meadows; and Kelly Wachtel, 6-0, Jr., OH, Champaign Centennial.

Amelia Wegman, 6-0, Jr., MH, Rosary; Carly Wesoloski, 5-7, So., L, Naperville Central; Ashley Wilk, 5-11, Jr., OH, Aurora Central Catholic; Laura Williams, 5-10, Jr., OH, Lyons; Daiva Wise, 6-2, Jr., MH, St. Francis; Julia Witowska, 5-8, So., S, Wheaton Warrenville South; Jordan Wooden, 5-6, Jr., S, Decatur St. Teresa; Stephenee Yancy, 6-2, Jr., MH, Kankakee; Kaitlyn Zelhart, Jr., 5-11, MH, Blue Ridge; Cindy Zhou, 5-11, So., S. Libertyville; and Lauren Zielinski, 6-4, Jr., MH, Marist.

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D Hopper graduates this year (2011).

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