By Pat Brozynski

Ninety-four players who don't live close to I-94

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This first official girls volleyball practice is less than a month away and the first matches can be played in a little more than five weeks. Here are 94 players from "downstate" illinois who could make somebody's "top something" list by the time the season is done.

(There's one or two for whom I don't have heights or positions...but hey, it's a big state).

Alina Agamy, 5-10, Sr., OH/S, Bloomington
Tina Aguirre, 5-9, Jr., OH, Rantoul
Jessica Allhands, 5-11, Jr., OH, Watseka
Emma Anderson, 5-10, Sr., OH, Lincoln
Lucy Balich, 6-0, Sr., OH, Freeburg
Samantha Bedard, 5-7, So., S, Breese Mater Dei
Emily Becker, 6-0, So., MB, Belleville West
Sara Birk, 5-7, So., S, Belleville Althoff
Michelle Bivens, 5-6, Sr., OH, Valmeyer
Courtney Blair, 6-1, Sr., MB, Lanark Eastland
Kaley Boeckmann, 5-11, Sr., OH, Breese Mater Dei
Haley Bowles, 5-9, Sr., OH, Mt. Pulaski
Taylor Boyer, 5-3, Sr., L, Belleville East
Carley Bunting, 5-8, Sr., OH, Johnston City
Emily Burger, 5-10, Jr., S, Bloomington
Sierra Burris, 5-8, Sr., OH, Illini Central
Emma Cabutti, 5-9, Jr., OH, Mahomet-Seymour
Serena Calhoun, 5-8, Sr., MH, Danville Schlarman
Kelsey Card, 5-10, Sr., OH, Carlinville
Megan Casagrande, 5-11, Jr., MH, St. Thomas More
Stephanie Cathcart, 6-0, So., MB, Trenton Wesclin
Mariah Coleman, So., MH, Broadlands Heritage
Morganne Criswell, 6-1, Sr., MB, Decatur LSA
Madison Croft, 6-0, Sr., MB, Edwardsville
Maddie DePorter, 5-11, Sr., MB, Orion
Nicole DeVries, 5-9, Sr., S, Orangeville
Kelsey Dirks, 6-3, Jr., MH, Robinson
Olivia Downs, Sr., L, Fisher
Rachel Durchholz, 5-8, So., OH, Mt. Pulaski
Emily Eyer, 6-0, Sr., MB, Bloomington
Samantha Epenesa, 6-0, Jr., OH, Edwardsville
Tori Falter, 6-1, Sr., MH, Chatham Glenwood
Dakota Flesner, 5-7, Sr., OH, Payson Seymour
Kennedy Gabel, 5-4, Sr., OH, Toledo Cumberland
Shelby Geers, 5-11, Sr., OH, St. Joseph-Ogden
Mallory Gibson, 5-10, Sr., MH, Riverdale
Katie Graham, 5-11, Sr., MH, Carlinville
Jessica Greer, 5-6, Jr., MH, First Baptist
Abby Hanger, 5-6, Sr., S, Belleville West
Katelyn Hasken, 5-8, Sr., OH, Lanark Eastland
Abbie Heise, 6-2, So., S/MB, Springfield Lutheran
Kristina Henley, 5-10, Sr., OH, Massac County
Maddie Hogan, 5-5, Sr., L, Freeburg
Chelsi Hummert, 5-11, Sr., MB, Freeburg
Erica Johnson, 5-9, Sr., OH, Trenton Wesclin
Kara Johnson, 5-9, So., OH, Champaign Centennial
Brielle Jones, Sr., MH, Deland-Weldon
Hillary Keltner, 5-11, Sr., Belleville Althoff
Esther Kemper, 5-7, Sr., L, Champaign Central
Kasi Korza, 6-1, Sr., OH, Springfield
Morgan Leach, 5-11, Sr., MB, Champaign Centennial
Alyssa Lelm, 5-10, So., MB, Deer Creek-Mackinaw
Hope Linker, 5-8, Sr., S, Lanark Eastland
Gina Long, 5-8, Sr., OH, Alexis (United)
Abbie Magrini, 5-6, Jr., L, Mahomet-Seymour
Laura Marley, 5-7, Sr., S, Athens
Morgan Martels, 6-1, Sr., MH, Sterling
Victoria May, 5-8, Sr., S, Riverdale
Becca Millage, 5-9, Sr., OH, St. Thomas More
Logan Moore, 5-4, Sr., S, Mahomet-Seymour
Missy Muckensturm, 5-10, Sr., OH, Belleville Althoff
Alison Mueller, 5-11, Jr, OH, Breese Mater Dei
Kelsey Mueller, 5-11, So., MB, Freeburg
Val Nichol, 6-1, Sr., OH, Normal U-High
Samantha Nichols, 5-11, Sr., MH, Mt. Pulaski
Me'Ashah Nicholson, 6-0, Sr., MB, Belleville Althoff
Alex Pelmore, 5-8, Sr., OH, Champaign Central
Sydney Potts, 5-8, Sr., OH, Benton
Catherine Richards, 5-10, So., MH, Payson Seymour
Kelsey Robertson, 6-1, Sr., MH, Freeburg
Katie Roustio, 6-1, So., OH, O'Fallon
Katie Ryan, 5-8, Sr., OH, Girard
Megan Scharnett, 5-7, Sr., OH, Champaign Centennial
Madeline Schoen, 5-11, Sr., OH, Belleville Althoff
Brooke Schulte, 5-9, Sr., OH, Breese Mater Dei
Rachel Simmons, 5-5, Sr., OH, Harrisburg
Erin Smith, 5-3, Sr., S, Payson Seymour
Mercedes Sparks, 5-9, Sr., MH, Toledo Cumberland
Madison Sparling, 5-8, Sr., S, Toledo Cumberland
Dakota Springer, 5-8, Sr., OH, Heyworth
Madison Stephens, 5-6, Sr., S, Massac County
Brittany Stribling, 5-6, Sr., S, A-C Central
Nicole Strieker, 5-9, Sr., S, Breese Mater Dei
Carly Thomas, 6-1, Sr., S, Belleville Althoff
Danielle Thompson, 5-11, Sr., S, Blue Ridge
Kelly Wachtel, 6-0, Jr., MH, Champaign Centennial
Nichole Wagenbach, 6-0, Sr., OH, Tremont
Kacey Wahlig, 5-5, Sr., S, Freeburg
Lauren Wethers, 5-8, Sr., OH, Collinsville
Kylie Welch, 5-5, Sr., S, Raymond-Lincolnwood
Erika White, 6-1, Sr., S, Jacksonville Routt
Abbey Winter, 6-0, Sr., MH, Breese Mater Dei
Haley Witts, Sr., S, Cerro Gordo
Kaitlyn Zelhart, Jr., 5-11, MH, Blue Ridge

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