By Pat Brozynski

By refusing to avoid losing, Corliss is a winner

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By Phil Brozynski

This is a story about Chicago Corliss and its decision to play Brother Rice in a boys volleyball regional quarterfinal Monday.

A story by Tina Akouris in Monday’s Sun-Times related how some of the Chicago Public Schools are pulling out of the state softball tournament because they figure they won’t be competitive against some of the suburban schools. And the powers in the Public League are OK with this.

According to Tina’s story, Public League director of sports administration Calvin Davis is encouraging schools to back out of the softball tournament to avoid embarrassment.

I guess things have changed in the city. When I was growing up on the south side of Chicago and somebody challenged you to something even as innocent as a checkers match, you were too embarrassed NOT to show up.

But if the Public Schools want to pick and choose which tournaments they play, then I have a suggestion for schools scheduled to play Public League teams in one of the sports in which they do excel – basketball.

Next year, if it looks as if Marshall is going to walk off with another Class 3A title in boys basketball and North Lawndale is going to run roughshod over the overmatched 2A field, just don’t show up.

After all, why should Providence St. Mel have to absorb a 103-38 licking by Lawndale? Why should Holy Trinity have to stand for an 87-46 flogging by the Phoenix? And why shouldn’t Walter Lutheran walk away from a 72- 40 whipping.

Class 3A boys champion Marshall was not adverse to “embarrassing” its opponents last year, either, unmercifully whipping Wheaton Academy 89-42 and knocking off North Chicago 84-54 en route to the 3A title.

I guess it’s OK, however, if it’s the Public Schools doing the humiliatin’, even if it’s to each other. Why else would this little “editorial” appear on the IHSA ScoreZone boys volleyball page underneath the heading, “At Chicago (Lincoln Park),” referencing Orr’s decision not to show up for a regional quarterfinal against Crane on Monday.

"Chicago Orr forfeited. There was no common courtesy of a phone indicating that they would not be present.”

I guess they were too embarrassed to call.

So kudos to Corliss, which could have taken Davis’ advice and not shown up Monday to play Brother Rice. But they did, and they lost.

But they're winners in my book.

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