By Pat Brozynski

Another 50 fabulous players to watch in 2008

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By Phil Brozynski

Because one list just isn’t enough, here are 50 more volleyball players to watch in 2008:

Blake Austin, 6-6, Sr., MH, Oak Park
Felipe Bastos, 5-8, Sr., S, Lincoln Park
Mike Bolhuis, 5-11, Sr., L, Lincoln-Way East
Matt Brahm, 6-3, Sr., OH, York
Erik Brand, 6-4, Sr., OH, New Trier
Mike Brdicka, 6-6, Sr., MH, Naperville Central
Josh Brozek, 6-4, Sr., MB, Benet
Feris Cano, 6-2, Sr., MH, Payton
Brian Clark, 6-3, Sr., MH, Neuqua Valley
Scott Clay, 6-2, Sr., S, Lyons
Roger Coffin, 6-8, Sr., MH, York
Peter Dabrowski, 6-6, Jr., MB, Glenbard East
Kevin Donahue, 6-3, Sr., MH, Brother Rice
Connor Dougherty, 6-8, Jr., MH, Waubonsie Valley
Dan Dowjotas, 6-2, Sr., OH, Montini
Brett Ellis, Sr., OH, St. Charles North
Chris Falknor, 6-1, Jr., OH, Buffalo Grove
Bill Foran, 6-2, Sr., OH, Benet
Dan Frommeyer, 6-5, Sr., MH, Barrington
George Ghassan, 6-6, Sr., MH, Waubonsie Valley
Alex Gigler, 6-4, Sr., OH, Waubonsie Valley
Kevin Hoag, 6-2, Sr., MH, Payton
Howard Hu, 5-11, Sr., OH, Lincoln Park
Nick Janky, 6-4, Sr., OH, Lincoln-Way East
Tom Jelonek, 6-3, Sr., MH, Addison Trail
Noah Johnson, 6-2, Sr., MH, Hinsdale Central
Charlie Kahn, 6-5, Sr., MH, Oak Park
Albert Klimek, 6-3, So., MH, Whitney Young
Victor Lei, 6-1, Jr., S, Naperville Central
Joe Lombard, 6-2, Sr., OH, Marist
Steve Mattes, 6-1, Sr., S, Brother Rice
Chris Michellotti, 6-8, Sr., MH, Barrington
Karl Nerger, 6-2, Sr., OH, Northside Prep
Dan Orna, 6-1, Sr., OH, Naperville North
John Prout, 6-6, Jr., MH, Evanston
Kevin Przychoni, 6-3, Sr., OH, Marist
Jake Rio, 6-2, Sr., OH, St. Francis
Rob Samp, 6-9, Jr., MB, Wheaton Warrenville South
Tom Seagraves, 6-4, Sr., MB, Glenbard East
Jehu Shamlin, 6-3, Sr., MH, New Trier
John Shurna, 6-8, Sr., MB, Glenbard West
Joe Sponseller, 6-4, Sr., OH, Carmel
Paul Springer, 6-5, Sr., OH, Evanston
Jake Torcasso, 5-11, Sr., OH, Lake Park
George Vasels, 6-1, Sr., S, Taft
Dave Walery, 5-9, Sr., L, Sandburg
Neal Whittington, 6-7, Jr., MB, Wheaton Warrenville South
Jordan Williams, 6-5, Jr., OH, Hinsdale Central
Larry Wrather, 5-11, Jr., OH, Lake Forest
Dave Zuber, 6-2, Sr., OH, Addison Trail

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... what about Masum Amani ( has a really long last name?) he goes to Highland Park Highschool?

Where is the original list?

In case you missed the initial list of the top 50 boys volleyball players in the Chicago area, which ran in Monday's Sun-Times, here it is:

Tom Angerame, 6-2, Sr., S, Buffalo Grove
Joe Ascher, 6-6, Sr., OH, Buffalo Grove
Rob Bauer, 6-4, Jr., OH, Neuqua Valley
Tim Bedford, 6-3, Sr., S. Glenbrook North
Jake Blackman, 6-1, Sr., OH, Neuqua Valley
Matt Bronson, 5-10, Sr., L, Buffalo Grove
Jon Bunge, 6-1, Sr., OH, Naperville North
Brad Connors, 6-4, Sr., OH, Addison Trail
Eric Daliege, 6-7, Sr., MH, Providence
Pat Dodd, 6-3, Sr., OH, Hinsdale Central
Matt Durbin, 6-0, Sr., OH, Lake Park
Matt Fox, 6-6, Sr., OH, Sandburg
Jason Giecek, 5-9, Sr., S, Stevenson
Hayden Grove, 6-2, Sr., OH, Providence
Andrew Gulik, 6-4, Sr., MH, Lyons
Jonathan Gustafson, 5-11, Sr., S, Providence
Randy Hansen, 6-1, Sr., OH, Oak Lawn
Eric Hardek, 6-4, Sr., OH, Wheaton Warrenville South
Keegan Harris, 5-11, Jr., OH, Vernon Hills
Will Hart, 6-5, Sr., OH, New Trier
Jay Hayes, 5-8, Sr., L, St. Francis
Mike Henry, 6-5, Sr., OH, Naperville North
Joe Kelly, 6-2, Jr., S, Wheaton Warrenville South
Konrad Klimek, 6-2, Sr., OH, Whitney Young
Claudius Kuzmicki, 6-1, Sr., OH, Maine South
Rusty Lavaja, 6-3, Sr., OH, St. Charles North
Hunter Lee, 5-11, Sr., L, Naperville Central
Wade Lernihan, 6-0, Sr., OH, Barrington
Daniel Lin, 5-8, Sr., L, Lincoln Park
Dan Mader, 6-5, Sr., S/OH, Glenbard East
Joey Murnane, 6-3, Sr., OH, St. Francis
Neill Nystrom, 6-10, Jr., OH, Wheaton Warrenville South
Peter Netisingha, 5-11, Sr., S, Hinsdale Central
Kevin Padden, 6-4, Sr., OH, Brother Rice
Justus Pagojus, 6-3, Sr., OH, Lyons
Jay Petty, 6-5, Sr., OH, Downers Grove North
Scott Pickle, 6-2, Sr., OH, Prospect
Keith Podalak, 5-7, Sr. L, Marist
Matt Pollock. 6-9. Sr., MH, Sandburg
Matt Quinn, 6-3, Sr., MH, St. Rita
Dan Ruzich, 6-0, Sr., OH, Providence
Lukasz Sienko, 6-4, Sr., MH, Taft
David Sippel, 5-9, Sr., L, Evanston
Dan Smith, 6-2, Sr., MH, St. Rita
Joe Smalzer, 6-6, Jr., OH, Marist
Brian Thorp, 5-11, Sr., S, Lincoln-Way Central
Chris Toth, 6-1, Sr., OH, Downers Grove South
Bob Vondehaar, 6-6, Sr., OH, St. Francis
Billy Vydra, 6-2, Sr., OH, Glenbrook North
Matt Yanz, 6-5, Sr., MH, Naperville Central

And to answer your question David, it's Maysam Amani at Highland Park, and we will see him at the Lake County Invitational in a couple of weeks.

Do you guys get out there and see who the real volleyball players are or do you just take the name off a list of big schools and use their so called studs? I think all these kids deserve what basketball receives, you always post the top players base on the basketball AAU or national programs why not do the same with club and USA volleyball?

FARIS Cano haha not Feris Cano but its all good

I agree with Ed's comments; I can't believe that schools that don't have a "fabulous" team don't have noteable players who deserve a mention; the majority of kids on the list are OHs; more of the other positions should be listed; call St. Lawrence, Mt. Carmel, Marist, etc.....get input from their people; thanks! Also, isn't there ususally a "prep preview" on the boys' teams? with pictures, etc. must has missed it)

Here is a player way overlooked , Plays for Montini MH and OH. Kevin Pope sr. stands about 6'6" and is a force on the front row or back. I know I have the bruises. Who is this guy?

He is overlooked, along with almost all of the montini broncos team. They have a stacked front row averaging heights of 6'4. Lets just say their a force to be reckoned with and should not be taken lightly!

Yea I've seen that Pope kid play, and I'm surprised he's not on either of the top player lists. Maybe it's because he plays at a small school or something. All I know is that he's big, hits HARD, and is an above average blocker.

Don't forget outside hitter senior 6'5" Ryan Schuette from Warren. Have you seen this guy jump? Not enough credit goes to him or this team that just beat Buffalo Grove.

What about Wojtek Snarski a rightside hitter from Maine East HS. He plays in a great confrence in the CSL north has a high vertical and has to go against some of the best outside hitters from teams such as GBN.

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