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We have our first Best Picture prediction!

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If you believe the stats, the Dallas/Ft. Worth film critics are the best at forecasting each year's Best Picture winner. (OK, they missed "Crash" last year, but who didn't — except the Sun-Times' Roger Ebert ...?) In this article, you might be surprised by their pick this year: "United 93."

Awards Tracker!

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The Oscars are almost as much about momentum as the films themselves. Here’s a list of what honors the top movies are winning so far this awards season:

Already three safe bets in Oscar guessing

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LOS ANGELES — If the victory of best-picture champ ‘‘Crash’’ over front-runner ‘‘Brokeback Mountain’’ last winter proved one thing, it’s that nothing is ever certain at the Academy Awards. Yet with two and a half months to go before the Oscars on Feb. 25, three seemingly sure picks and a wildly eclectic lineup of potential and long-shot contenders have emerged for Hollywood’s top prize. ...

Second Eastwood film complicates Globes outlook

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And the clock just keeps ticking. With nominations for the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn.’s 64th annual Golden Globe Awards just days away — announcements are set for the early morning hours of Dec. 14 — a clear front-runner has yet to emerge for one of the ceremony’s top two prizes, namely the best drama of the year. Unlike the musical/comedy race, which will surely fete Paramount/DreamWorks’ big-screen adaptation of the award-winning Broadway production ‘‘Dreamgirls,’’ the dramatic categories remain decidely murky, and almost no one is willing to go on record supporting any particular movie as a lock for a best picture trophy. That said, a handful of films — specifically Miramax’s ‘‘The Queen,’’ Paramount/DreamWorks’ ‘‘Flags of Our Fathers’’ and Warner Bros. Pictures’ ‘‘The Departed’’ — finally seem to be emerging as likely favorites for a nomination.