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Grammy picks ... already?

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Grammy nominations aren't announced until Dec. 7, but in this week's Entertainment Weekly the magazine's Michael Endelman take a stab at predicting which artists will win the music award show's top honors next year.

Zwecker's early Oscar picks

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Sun-Times Columnist
It’s only October, but as usual, the annual guessing game is starting for likely Academy Award nominations. Even though some of the films and performances considered likely Oscar contenders won’t open widely until late this year — or even early in 2007 — here’s what Hollywood insiders tell me is the current buzz:

LOS ANGELES — Helen Mirren could be crowned best actress at the Academy Awards. Seven-time loser Peter O’Toole may finally win that elusive Oscar. Jack Nicholson could tie Katharine Hepburn with a record fourth win.

And Clint Eastwood may establish himself as one of the winningest directors in Oscar history.

Though plenty of Oscar-worthy films will not hit theaters until December, many potential contenders and a few early front-runners have emerged for Hollywood’s big night Feb. 25.

The complete awards show calendar

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Your complete calendar of upcoming entertainment awards shows and other related events!