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Does 'Iron Man' deserve Oscar gold?

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MTV TRL Gwyneth Paltrow Rob.jpg
Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr. make an appearance on MTV's "Total Request Live" to promote the movie. Dig Robert's pocket accessory. (Peter Kramer/AP)

We went, we saw, we loved it. "Iron Man" is a triumph, finally making a comic-book movie not seem so forced, so obligatory. We chalk it up to the great casting — Robert Downey Jr. (who we never tire of seeing described as "the best actor of his generation") and The Dude (a hardly recognizable Jeff Bridges playing a thankfully non-alien villain) — and, OK, the schlub factor.

We also find it interesting that the Pop Watch bloggers at Entertainment Weekly have taken the populist stance and called for the Academy to do some hard thinking — and consider Downey Jr. for an Oscar nomination. At the very least, it would be refreshing to have a slate of nominees from films the country — i.e., those same TV viewers you keep lamenting aren't watching the Oscars anymore, in droves — has actually seen.

What do you think? Was "Iron Man" just good escapist fun, or is it deserving of the Ultimate Nod? Comment below...