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Oscars plan a clip-job show ... just in case

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As reported here weeks ago, the producers of the Oscars have a contingency plan for the telecast in case the writers strike is unresolved by show date, Feb. 24. Even though there's hope for an end to the strike, the producers today shared the details of that alternate plan — a history-filled clip job.

More Grammy performers, presenters announced

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Nominees Feist, Alicia Keys, Brad Paisley and the casts of "The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil" and the film "Across The Universe" in a special Beatles segment are the latest performers for the 50th annual Grammy Awards telecast, announced today by The Recording Academy.

WGA lets writers work on Grammys

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Life just got a lot easier for the head of the Recording Academy.

Last month, Neil Portnow vowed to stage a full-scale Grammy Awards show with or without support from the striking writers guild.

He’ll find it a lot easier to live up to that pledge now that the Writers Guild of America has agreed to let its members work the show on Feb. 10.

Tom Cruise set to present at Sunday SAGs

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Tom Cruise is set to be a presenter at the Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony Sunday, joining a roster of A-listers appearing on the show.

Cruise, a three-time Oscar and SAG Awards nominee, will help hand out the coveted Actor trophies at the Shrine Auditorium.


LOS ANGELES — With idled entertainment industry workers and Oscar-nominated actors among the interested observers, striking writers and studios are talking again after weeks of bargaining silence.

The Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers said in a joint statement they will start informal discussions today aimed at full negotiations and an end to the nearly 3-month-old strike.

The announcement came the day nominations were announced for the Academy Awards, raising the prospect that the Feb. 24 ceremony might proceed without the threatened union picketing that derailed the Golden Globes.

In a goodwill gesture toward another big ceremony Tuesday, the guild said it had decided against picketing the Feb. 10 Grammy Awards.

Informal negotiations between the striking Writers Guild of America and several producers are set to begin today, apparently with the goal of accomplishing what the film directors did in reaching a contract last week, according to Variety.

If a deal isn't hammered out soon and the strike lingers through the Oscars on Feb. 24, you might be able to get a seat at the ceremony — because few stars would cross a picket line to attend.

Study: Dramas and women rule Oscars

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They say laughter is the best medicine — and you’ll need it if you’re a comedian hoping to win an Oscar.

A new study reveals that actors in dramatic films are nine times more likely to be nominated for an Oscar than those in comedies.

That’s not surprising, but this may be: The study also found that women are twice as likely to get the Oscar nod than men.

When award shows suffer, films suffer

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"The season of trophies is truly a season in hell."

That's Sean Penn, quoted in USA Today, describing this November-March run we chronicle so lovingly here at The Gold Rush. But Penn also went on to admit understanding of what these shows are really all about — promoting the film's he and other filmmakers craft so lovingly. Awards shows, he says, get "butts in seats."

But if there are no — or at least fewer, or scaled-back — awards shows, earnings will suffer, which is why many in Hollywood are glum over the Globes news ... and worried about the Oscars. ...

Is NBC going to unplug the Golden Globes?

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The Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. and NBC engaged in eleventh-hour sessions Sunday to try to reach an accommodation over the upcoming Golden Globes, with NBC appearing to be seriously considering pulling the telecast. ...