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"It's a scary month"

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That's how film executives describe January, as Sundance begins and Oscars loom, in this article from the Variety trade mag.


WASHINGTON — As Rocky Balboa makes his big-screen comeback, the movie that launched the franchise 30 years ago and made Sylvester Stallone a household name was among 25 films named to the National Film Registry by the Librarian of Congress on Wednesday. ...

AFI looks at 2006 "Moments of Significance"

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With a farewell tip of the hat to Robert Altman and a special commendation for Clint Eastwood, the American Film Institute completed its review of 2006 on Wednesday by highlighting what it calls the AFI’s Moments of Significance. ...

New Year's Eve awards-show recap on TV Guide!

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This is what we live for here at The Gold Rush. On New Year's Eve, the TV Guide channel will be airing a 15-hour marathon of all the awards shows from 2006. It's Joan and Melissa Rivers' "Red Carpet Rewind Marathon," starting at 10 a.m. Sunday. What better way to get revved up for the upcoming season than to relive the shock and awe of "Crash"?!