Golden Globes: January 2008 Archives

Time writer Rebecca Winters Keegan kept a diary of her experience covering the Golden Globes press conference last night, asking, "If an awards show happens in Hollywood but nobody famous attends, does it really happen at all?" Her funny chronicle of what actually did happen includes entries such as, "5:15 p.m.: A lone fat guy is swimming laps in the pool area where HBO normally holds its gala," and, "6:23 p.m.: Presenter Mary Hart thanks her agent and hails Viggo Mortensen's 'scary naked fight scene' in 'Eastern Promises.' This news conference is becoming the best proof of the need for writers the WGA could hope for."

The announcements were televised last night, but no stars actually attended the press conference for this year's sad, stricken Golden Globes. So we were robbed of seeing how they reacted to the news — the winners and the losers. Here, we've cobbled together reports of the various yee-haws and oh-drats ...

Our favorite Golden Globes reaction

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Globes winner Samantha Morton tells the BBC News: "I thought the Globes were next month."

Party at Ernie's! Borgnine's Globes party

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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Not every Golden Globes party was canceled.

Despite the scrapping of Sunday’s ceremony and official studio events, Ernest Borgnine — who, at 90, was the oldest Globes nominee ever — still threw a private bash at his hilltop home.

The evening started with pizza and champagne as an assortment of publicists, photographers and friends joined Borgnine, his wife, Tova, and daughter, Nancy, to watch the awards-presentation press conference in his living room.

Big surprise, Globes ratings nosedive

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The Hollywood writers strike took the glitz, the glamour and roughly two-thirds of the audience from this year’s Golden Globe Awards. NBC’s no-frills, one-hour presentation of the winners Sunday night drew a 4.8 rating and 7 share, according to preliminary estimates from the nation’s 55 largest metered markets by Nielsen Media Research.

No glamour as celebs celebrate quietly

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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Nothing fancy or frilly for the winners and losers of this year's dressed-down Golden Globes — some celebrated tonight barefoot and by cooking their own food.

The writers strike forced cancellation of the usual fashion-drenched soiree in favor of a news conference that winners watched from televisions in living rooms and hotel suites.

NBC's one-hour snoozeathon let viewers down

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The Golden Globes awards telecast is usually a rollicking, star-studded party. This year's was more like a laundry list.

Even so, not all live coverage was the same. Viewers who mistakenly watched NBC were fed a package of clutter and commercials padding out the program to a full hour — a blink of an eye by awards-show standards, but twice its necessary length.

By contrast, viewers tuned to the generic announcements carried by networks including CNN, E! and the TV Guide channel knew all the winners in half the time. And they were spared NBC's blabby co-hosts, Billy Bush and Nancy O'Dell of "Access Hollywood," as well as useless "analysis" by Entertainment Weekly writer Dave Karger. NBC stooped to vamping and artificial suspense, at the expense of giving its viewers what they had come for.

The scene: A quiet Globes night in L.A.

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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — A roar went up from the lobby bar of the Beverly Hilton before tonight's Golden Globes. But it wasn't fans thrilling at the sight of Angelina Jolie or George Clooney on the red carpet — it was the New York Giants upsetting the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL playoffs.

The Globes typically kick off Hollywood's award season with more than 1,000 stars and powerbrokers on hand for a rollicking ceremony. But they were knocked back into humdrum reality by the Hollywood writers strike, forced to trade that tradition for an awkward news conference with all the drama of a Los Angeles weathercast.

Quotes and quips from Golden Globes night

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Some reactions to the 65th annual Golden Globe Awards, announced tonight at a news conference held by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association in Beverly Hills, Calif. ...

The tragic romance "Atonement" was named best drama Sunday at a Golden Globes event that was deflated from star-studded revelry to dry, news conference-style awards announcement because of the Hollywood writers strike. "Atonement" had the most nominations but failed to win many until this biggie.

Don't wait for TV: 'Sweeney' takes two Globes

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AP's ahead of the TV broadcast in reporting ...

The bloody stage adaptation "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street" was chosen as best musical or comedy tonight at a drab Golden Globes announcement held in lieu of the usual ritzy party because of the Hollywood writers strike.

First Globes winners announced

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Boy, they're flying through the announcements of the Golden Globes tonight — faster than we can type them up, nearly. Who'd-a thunk we'd miss acceptance speeches and skits?

Here are the first winners of the night ...

Non-WGA pickets strike Globes anyway

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A blogger at The Envelope reports that, even though the WGA agreed not to picket tonight's Golden Globes once it was reduced from a gala to a press conference, a handful of picketers stood near the Beverly Hilton Hotel chanting, "Settle the strike! Let us go back to work!"

These strikers are not, as it turns out, WGA members. Tom O'Neil quotes one: "We're below-the-line people who work in other areas of the business and we've been tossed out of work because of the strike! Writers aren't the only ones affected by this strike, you know. And many of us have been hit the hardest!"

Is it a Coen bros. night?

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Counting down to the Globes press conference. Everyone we read out there comes to the same conclusion: The Coen brothers are going to take it, as this AFP story concludes: "Experts are almost unanimous in predicting that "No Country for Old Men" is likely to earn the Globes' best drama film accolade."

You're not as bummed out as Ernest Borgnine

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A lot of actors are disappointed Sunday's Golden Globes telecast has been reduced to a press conference, but few are more bummed out than 90-year-old Ernest Borgnine.

Borgnine is nominated in the best film.miniseries actor category for "A Grandpa For Christmas." It's an honor he never thought he'd be alive to enjoy.

"It's 52 years since my Oscar for 'Marty,' and it sure brought the people out of the woodwork," he told the New York Post. "At 90, I'm suddenly the fair-haired boy again. I keep the Oscar in our back room. I just polished it up a bit. One dealer wanted to buy it. He said it would probably bring more than John Wayne's saddle."

Air’s out of the Golden Globes balloon

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Here is the cold, hard reality of the 65th annual Golden Globe Awards that will be handed out Sunday at the Beverly Hilton: A lot of people are going to lose a lot of money.

Who does Globes switch realy hurt? The little guy

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LOS ANGELES — Hollywood’s blue-collar infrastructure is going to take a beating this weekend. With the Golden Globes, the town’s famously party-hearty awards show, now reduced to a glorified news conference because of the writers strike, the couriers who deliver elaborate floral displays to winners, the waiters who keep their glasses filled with champagne, and the drivers who shepherd the drunks home after late-night parties will be sitting idly by — on what is ordinarily one of their most lucrative nights.

Here's what's actually on TV for the Globes

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This is how this Sunday's Golden Globes event seems to be shaping up, how it'll look on TV and who the heck will be involved ...

Forget the clips, what about the clothes?!

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Sure, filmmakers are lamenting the loss of the Golden Globes, and fretting about the Oscars. But there's another group of workers really worried about the state of award shows this season: the fashion designers. Including this one in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Globes nix Spielberg award, too

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The TV show was canceled, the parties, too. Now the presentation of the Cecil B. DeMille award for lifetime achievement to Steven Spielberg, scheduled for Sunday's Golden Globes ceremony, has been postponed until next year's Globes. The retooling of the Globes affair into a glorified news conference led the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to make the decision, in the hope that the strike will be settled by then and a 2009 Globes ceremony will exist. Optimistic, perhaps.

When award shows suffer, films suffer

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"The season of trophies is truly a season in hell."

That's Sean Penn, quoted in USA Today, describing this November-March run we chronicle so lovingly here at The Gold Rush. But Penn also went on to admit understanding of what these shows are really all about — promoting the film's he and other filmmakers craft so lovingly. Awards shows, he says, get "butts in seats."

But if there are no — or at least fewer, or scaled-back — awards shows, earnings will suffer, which is why many in Hollywood are glum over the Globes news ... and worried about the Oscars. ...

Globes parties nixed, too

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In a major blow to NBC's hopes for star attendance at the Beverly Hilton on the night of the Golden Globes, most of the studios and networks late Monday canceled their Globes bashes.

The HBO, NBC Universal/Focus and the Warner Bros./In Style parties were called off, while a representative for the Weinstein Co. said the indie company was still mulling its options. ...

Globes giving up gala

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NBC and the HFPA settled on a plan today to air the Golden Globes without, well, actually airing the Golden Globes.

The network said it will broadcast several hours of coverage beginning at 4 p.m. PST that encompasses a red carpet and one-hour news conference at the Beverly Hilton.

In short, the show will go on — but without the sizzle. ...

Sacrifice the Globes, save the Oscars

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California critic Barry Koltnow makes that argument today on the Pop Matters site, saying everyone but the 82 members of the Globes voting body could live without that event just fine. But, he says, "when a celebrity dies, his or her obituary never begins: 'Golden Globe winner so and so.' But it might begin 'Oscar nominee so and so.' It definitely will begin: 'Oscar winner so and so.' "

Globes option: 'Everyone will be drunk'

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Roger Friedman writes this morning in his column — in advance of today's expected announcement from NBC as to whether or not we'll have a televised Golden Globes ceremony next week because of the writers strike — that one of the options floating around is "a 'clip' show with elements from past shows and currently nominated movies."

"That will be some party," an unnamed actor is quoted as saying last night. "Everyone will be drunk."

Is NBC going to unplug the Golden Globes?

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The Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. and NBC engaged in eleventh-hour sessions Sunday to try to reach an accommodation over the upcoming Golden Globes, with NBC appearing to be seriously considering pulling the telecast. ...

Actors encouraged to snub Globes

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LOS ANGELES — Golden Globe-nominated actors are expected to snub the awards in support of striking Hollywood writers, the actors union said today, jeopardizing one of the entertainment industry's signature showcases.

NBC, however, said it was sticking by its plans to air the Jan. 13 ceremony, despite the uncertainty about how much — if any — star power the Globes could muster. ...


LOS ANGELES — The Golden Globe Awards were thrust into deeper jeopardy Wednesday when the striking writers guild refused to negotiate with Globe organizers about staging a picket-free ceremony.

The actors union then said it would advise celebrity nominees and presenters to boycott the show, which is scheduled to be televised Jan. 13 on NBC. That would rob the boozy, informal affair of the star power that makes the Globes the official kickoff to Hollywood’s awards season. ...

LOS ANGELES — The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is hoping last-minute negotiations with the Writers Guild of America will allow the Golden Globes to go on.

Jorge Camara, president of the HFPA, said in a statement today that the organization is negotiating with the writers guild to reach an an interim agreement that will permit the Golden Globe Awards to be broadcast as scheduled, without picket lines, on Jan. 13. ...