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'Heroes' star sees Globes snub as motivation

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Milo Ventimiglia tells Entertainment Weekly he hopes the lack of Golden Globe nominations for his show, "Heroes," will inspire his fellow cast and crew to work even harder next season.

"Heroes" didn't get any nominations for next month's Golden Globes.

“I think it’s one of those things that’s going to make us work harder, make us be a little more focused," he says. ...

Attention Golden Globes fans: Due to the writers strike and the likelihood now that celebs will stay away from the event in droves, Alec Baldwin is inviting everyone to his place for the show.

No writers reprieve for Globes, Oscars

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Oscar and the Golden Globes will have to go without WGA writers on their telecasts, barring any last-minute reprieves.

That’s the bottom line from a dramatic rebuff of both awards shows made public Monday night, though Oscar has gotten only a portion of the bad news so far.

The WGA said Monday night that it has nixed a writing-waiver request from producers of the Golden Globes telecast and also a request for some clips clearances for the Oscars. But a WGA insider said a decision also has been made — though not announced — to reject a request for a writing waiver for the Oscars as well. ...


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Producers of Hollywood’s annual self-congratulation rites have more to fear this year than boring, drawn-out acceptance speeches.

Picket lines could block the red carpet. Fiery, pro-union talk could spew from the podium. Hosts and presenters could unravel without the benefit of a polished script.

Or the most frightening, if unlikely, prospect: Nobody shows up.

While awards shows would hardly be the most sympathetic casualty of the writer’s strike, now in its sixth week, they’d be perhaps the most visible. Studios depend on the season’s buzz to boost box office for specialty films, actors ride recognition into ever-bigger roles, and a whole industry thrives on the ancillary parties and preparations for ceremonies like the Oscars and Golden Globes. ...


It was a cataclysmic collision of notable names. On Thursday, both the Golden Globe nominations and the Mitchell Report of baseball players suspected of steroid use were announced.

One list, you want to be on — the other, not so much.

Certainly there must be parallels ... right? Here’s a look at how they match up. Or don’t. ...

Yes, they're thrilled just to be nominated

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Despite the sometimes nasty nature of her character, Patty Hewes, on FX’s ‘‘Damages,’’ Glenn Close insists she really is a nice person. Close learned of her nomination for best TV drama series actress from a friend in Florida while visiting her hometown of Greenwich, Conn. The multiple award-winner, who won a Globe in 2005 for ‘‘The Lion in Winter’’ and was nominated in 2006 for ‘‘The Shield,’’ said her character gets noticed because it’s rare for a woman her age to get such a role. ‘‘She keeps people off balance all the time, and people are intrigued by that.’’

Shortly after finishing up an interview with ‘‘The Today Show’’ in New York, Ellen Page was told of her nomination for best actress in a comedy. ‘‘I’m excited,’’ Page said. ‘‘Diablo Cody wrote one of the best screenplays I’ve ever read.’’ The character Juno was one the 20-year-old actress had never seen before. ‘‘She had this character ... devoid of stereotype. It was a unique, witty and absolutely genuine screenplay. I read it. I loved it. I became obsessed about playing this role,’’ she said. Page will celebrate her first Golden Globe nomination with a Manhattan dinner and then head back to her native Nova Scotia for the holidays. ‘‘There will be a lot of celebrating and hanging out with my friends,’’ she said. ...

The big winner in the Globe noms? Cable TV

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If there was any doubt before, the Golden Globes have sounded a clear message: This year, the best TV is on cable.

Broadcast networks scored only 20 of the 60 television nominations announced this morning. Most of them went to ABC’s ‘‘Grey’s Anatomy,’’ Fox’s ‘‘House’’ and NBC’s ‘‘30 Rock’’ (all represented by awards last year) and ABC’s freshman series ‘‘Pushing Daisies.’’ ...

So excited she burned the waffles

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‘‘I was making waffles for my kids, then my phone rang and my publicist called saying I was nominated. And I noticed this strange smell, and the waffles were burning, and the smoke alarm went off.’’ — Mary-Louise Parker, nominated for best actress in a television series, comedy or musical for ‘‘Weeds.’’

And here are some other reactions from some of the Golden Globe Award nominees this morning ...

We had to double-check to make sure the list was accurate — seven, seven best picture nominees? The Golden Globes nominations this morning definitely brought the love: seven top films, six TV shows up for best drama and numerous small-screen stars up for best drama TV actress. As E! has already pointed out this morning, all that love makes the omissions even starker, like the absence of "Desperate Housewives" from the TV slots and a no-show for Russell Crowe in "American Gangster."

The Golden Globes nominees!

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A complete list of nominees for the 65th annual Golden Globe Awards announced this morning in Beverly Hills, Calif. ...

'Atonement' leads Globe noms

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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — The British historical romance ''Atonement'' led the competition this morning for the Golden Globes with seven nominations, among them best drama and acting honors for Keira Knightley and James McAvoy. ...

Early Globes announcements

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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — The Golden Globe nominations got under way this morning with "Charlie Wilson's War" and "Michael Clayton" taking an early lead with two nods each.

Julia Roberts and Philip Seymour Hoffman were nominated for supporting roles in "Charlie Wilson's War," and Tilda Swinton and Tom Wilkinson got the same for "Michael Clayton."


NEW YORK — The HFPA is looking for a way to ensure that a struck Golden Globes doesn't turn into a ghost-town Golden Globes.

If the WGA doesn't grant the awards show a strike waiver, the group is considering pitching the show to talent as a platform to stand in solidarity with writers — a move that could turn the podium and red carpet at the Beverly Hilton into a de facto picket line. ...

Hopefully, Globes will narrow Oscar field

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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Clear front-runners have yet to emerge in Hollywood’s awards season, though Golden Globe voters have no shortage of fine films and performances to choose from with their nominations at hand.

Among big contenders for Thursday morning’s nominations are the crime saga ‘‘No Country for Old Men’’ and the historical drama ‘‘There Will Be Blood,’’ both films anointed by major critics groups as Hollywood’s awards season starts to shape up. ...

Panettiere and Judd to announce Globes

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'Heroes' star Hayden Panettiere and Ashley Judd will announce the nominees for the 65th annual Golden Globe Awards tomorrow morning.

Nominations in 25 categories will be announced at the Beverly Hilton in California tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned here for the news, the guffaws, the lists and what not!

Looking at the Golden Globes' signs and sins

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"The Golden Globes are so often touted as a bellwether for the Academy Awards that when the two don't match up, the Globes are taken to task for getting it wrong. But while the Globes' checkered history is studded with strange and even inexplicable calls -- in 1993, the year the Oscars named "Unforgiven" best picture, the Globes bestowed their highest honor on "Scent of a Woman" -- the deviations are sometimes inspired."

So begins a Hollywood Reporter's hearty analysis of the Globes — which are announced this Thursday. The critics awards have begun trickling in, but the Globe announcements officially start The Gold Rush.