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Blame pinned for Jen Hudson's wacko ensemble

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Everyone guffawed when Chicago's Jennifer Hudson appeared on the red carpet wearing a perfectly fine brown Oscar de la Renta dress ... with a crumpled King Tut-meets-"Star Trek" bolero jacket on top. The New York Post's Page Six column reports on the power struggle between two designers that continued up to moments before Hudson was to hit the carpet. A more detailed report is posted at The Envelope, with one source dishing this hilarious account of the tug-of-war: "When Andre found out she was going to wear Cavalli, not Oscar, he totally queened out and started screaming about how he was responsible for getting Jennifer on the March cover of Vogue, how she owed him, and she had to wear the Oscar de la Renta or he would look like a fool." As we learned in "The Devil Wears Prada," it's always the fault of some horrid editor at Vogue.