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The Grammys can win Emmys, but not vice versa

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Here's something to file in both the Grammy and Emmy categories: In yesterday's Emmy announcement, the Grammys got five nominations!

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Reality-show contestants are just that, contestants. Today, the Emmy finally began recognizing the talents of the hosts who work with them, like Tom Bergeron (left) of "Dancing With the Stars."

Three minutes to showtime, and Cristian de la Fuente still hadn't decided whether he would continue after tearing a tendon in his biceps. The producers of ABC's ''Dancing With the Stars,'' the mega-popular live dancing competition, had themselves in a tizzy.

Tom Bergeron, meanwhile, was loving it.

The affable host thrives on the adrenaline rush of anything-can-happen live TV -- and he can handle anything that comes his way.

A contestant strains a muscle mid-dance? Bergeron has it all under control. Marie Osmond faints on the air? He cuts to commercial -- and reports back to the audience that all's OK. The judges acting up? He keeps a straight face, cracks a joke and winks at viewers back home.

Bergeron has been driving this top-rated circus show for three years -- and now, he's finally getting recognized for it. The 53-year-old was nominated Thursday for an Emmy Award in the new category of best host for a reality or reality-competition show.

Jeremy Piven and his Emmy ... flying high?

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Daily Variety asked Chicago-area native Jeremy Piven how he received his Emmy news this morning -- nominated again for best comedy actor, for his role in "Entourage" -- and he replied:

"I was sitting in a hot-air balloon somewhere over the Indian Ocean, and I had nothing but a rusty compass in my hand, and I was shivering, and a carrier pigeon delivered the news to me ... or my publicist called me."

Piven won his second Emmy for that role last year.

Other celebrities reacted ...

Emmy comedy gold always starts in Chicago

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As a reminder of the fertile training ground still yukking it up right here in Old Town, Second City sent out these congratulations today on news of the Emmy nominations:

Congratulations to the plethora of Second City alumni who received Emmy nominations this morning. The list of nominees includes Tina Fey, Steve Carell, Jeff Garlin, Amy Poehler, Stephen Colbert, Shelly Berman, Jack McBrayer, John Lutz, Kevin Dorff, Brian Stack, Peter Grosz, Peter Gwinn, Tom Purcell, Jeremy Piven and Laura Krafft.

Episode #409.jpg
"The Wire" on HBO: Tray Chaney (left) and Domenick Lombardozzi in an episode last year.

So what's with the Emmys so consistently snubbing "The Wire"?

New convert here: We didn't discover the HBO series until it hit home -- when its final season started exploring the hard times at the Baltimore Sun -- and then caught up on some back episodes. Consistently riveting drama, largely unique characterizations, and enthralling acting, not to mention a smart soundtrack. Topical, relevant, educational -- great TV all the way around.

Yet the voting body of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences apparently doesn't tune it in. Even after Barack Obama in January said it was his favorite show and that Omar Little was his favorite TV character. You'd think all of Hollywood would've started watching that weekend.

Guess not. The show got one nomination today: for writing.

List of nominees for the 60th Emmys

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Here's a list of nominees in major categories for the 60th annual Primetime Emmy Awards announced this morning by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (or see the full list here):