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Your complete '08-'09 awards-season calendar

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Here they are, all the announcement and awards-show dates that make up the awards season we call The Gold Rush ...

Is Ricky Gervais going to host the Oscars?!

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Emmy Awards Show2.jpg
Ricky Gervais playfully berates Steve Carell at last week's Emmys. (AP file)

Although the gamut of suggestions from various entertainment bloggers run wide -- from a return by Steve Martin to two suggestions of Will Smith -- the question of who will host the upcoming Oscars is beginning to boil down to one name: Ricky Gervais.

Its unusually smart choices this year provided great pointers to some TV worth watching. As you wait for season premieres, here's a run-down of some of those shows, from "Breaking Bad" to Glenn Close's "Damages."

Backstage and beyond at the Emmys

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Glenn Close holds the Emmy for outstanding actress in a drama series for her role in "Damages," backstage at the 60th annual Emmy Awards.


Television, movies, stage. They're all the same to Glenn Close, as long as the work is worthwhile.

''I kind of don't differentiate,'' Close said backstage Sunday night after winning the Emmy for outstanding lead actress in a drama series for ''Damages.''

''For me, it's where the material is and it always has been, and I am so energized and challenged and thrilled by the work that we all do together at 'Damages.' It really is the ride of my career to have this magnificent part, which is as good as any part you'd find in a feature film. ... I can't wait to see where our writers take us this year.''

As she spoke backstage with reporters, Close also expanded on the comments she made during her acceptance speech about ''the sisterhood of the TV drama divas,'' actresses like Helen Mirren and Judi Dench who've inspired her by flourishing in television as well as in films and theater.

''The most important thing is going where there's great material,'' she said, ''because that's how you grow as an artist and how you're challenged.''

The five reality hosts and all the king's men, couldn't get several million people to watch the Emmys again. Last night's ceremony on ABC was the lowest-rated Emmys ever.

Dying is easy, comedy is hard

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Emmy Awards Show.jpg

Remember the bit during last night's Emmys when co-host Tom Bergeron educated us on the difference between comedy and drama? "This is drama," he said, as co-host Heidi Klum swooned into his arms. "This is comedy," he said, dropping her.

Pratfalls are funny, but they hurt. Klum finished her lines, then she said, "Ow!" as the show went on. And TMZ shows why -- with a photo of this massive bruise on her hip!

What Emmys records actually broke

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We expected some records at the Emmys on Sunday night. ''John Adams'' (23 noms), NBC's ''30 Rock'' (17) and AMC's ''Mad Men'' (16) dominated many categories. Here's what broke:

The Emmys after-party report

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Accepting hugs left and right and clutching his best miniseries trophy for HBO's "John Adams," Tom Hanks made one thing clear at the premium cable network's packed Emmy afterparty: He's not a partier.

"It's a school night. This is all a bit of a chore, honestly," Hanks said late Sunday night, grinning and waving his arms while music pumped loudly overhead.

"I'm shouting at everyone I meet, I'm taking pictures with everyone who wants to. ... We're really glad the series won. Great cast, killer crew. ... But I gotta be at work at 6 a.m. tomorrow," he said. "I've got about 15 minutes left in me."