So ... what did you think?

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A.R. Rahman holds the Oscars for best original score and for best original song "Jai Ho" for his work on "Slumdog Millionaire" during the Academy Awards. (Matt Sayles/AP)

The '09 Oscars show. Not great, not horrible. Certainly long, but that's not surprising.

What did YOU think?

Comment below. Some talking points:

-- Hugh Jackman: Was he a host, or just a performer?

-- The extended acting tributes: Gallant way to honor achievement, or painful time-filler?

-- The results: Who won well-deserved awards? Who got robbed?

-- The death reel: Who did they leave out? (Rudy Ray Moore, anyone?!)

-- The speeches: Is Sean Penn a valiant crusader or a blowhard?

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The awards shouldn't be used as a political stage. Shame on Penn and the others for mocking and putting down conservative voters! We do NOT think that gays are any "less" as the other award recipient said. Objecting to what is a sinful and perverted and unnatural lifestyle is NOT making them 'less'. It's realizing they're misguided and blinded to the truth and caught in a damaging lifestyle. And we will NOT be the ones with shame, we never will feel any shame for standing up for the Gospel and God's truth. It is Penn and his ilk who will feel the same when they stand in God's presence and are forced to face the truth that their opinions were wrong. No one is saying we can control our feelings or attractions. But just because we have urges does NOT mean we have to give into them or make them accepted in society. There are a lot of urges people have that they don't give into because they know they're wrong, and gay feelings are no different. God has a plan for marriage and family, and gay urges are a result of fallen human nature. God didn't make them that way, and doesn't want them in that lifestyle. He does love them, reguardless of what the Phelps crowd thinks though. True Christians do not hate AT ALL. What we do, we do not do out of hate or prejudice but out of love. We want to see people find the truth and accept God's love and redemption and get themselves out of this sinful, destructive lifestyle that leads only to pain and destruction. We will NEVER stop standing up for this truth and simply let this be legalized. We will ALWAYS stand for the truth no matter what and will NEVER stop fighting to uphold true marriage and family values.
I also say shame on the documentary prsenter...Moyers is it? His movie was nothing but a piece of flawed trash that was totally incorrect in its portrayal of believers. He too will be in for a rude awakening when he has to explain his actions to God and accept his ignorance and blindness. He'll be wishing then that he hadn't been mocking us but had been on his knees praying and accepting Christ as savior.

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