Jen and John, sittin' at the Oscars ...

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The Oscars aren't all about winning.

They're also about romance, as in Jennifer Aniston overheard backstage whispering into John Mayer's ear, "I really love you, every part of you."

The couple arrived at the backdoor entrance to the Kodak Theatre shortly before the show began, and Aniston confirmed she would be presenting an award. Perhaps indicating why they didn't arrive earlier, Mayer joked that it had taken Aniston three hours longer to get ready than him.

As the couple stood hand-in-hand, pre-show chaos unfolded all around them. At one point Ben Stiller sprinted by. A moment later, two crates filled with Oscars for the night's winners were carried toward the stage.

"Wow!" Aniston exclaimed. "Do we have to stand and salute?"


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