Grammys pre-show will stream online

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In the Grammys' efforts to entertain you, they've been giving out fewer and fewer awards during the actual telecast in recent years. Instead, they fill the time with performers and more performers, thinking that's why you tune in. Ratings be damned.

The bulk of the awards are given out during a pre-show, which isn't televised. This year, however, you can at least watch it online ...

The clumsily titled "51st Annual Grammy Awards Pre-Telecast Ceremony" ("now attended by thousands!") starts at 3 p.m. our time this Sunday from the Los Angeles Convention Center -- streamed live internationally on and available for viewing for 30 days following the event.

The talent quotient drops significantly for the Pre-Telecast. Hosts: Wayne Brady and Tia Carrere. Performers: Lila Downs, Hilary Hahn and Heavy D. Presenters: Yolanda Adams, Robert Aubry Davis, Lamont Dozier, Alex Raymundo and Blair Underwood.

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