Whom exactly was Kate Winslet supporting in 'The Reader'?

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Golden Globes winslet.jpg
Kate Winslet after the Golden Globes, clutching both her acting awards. Should one of them really be for supporting actress? (AP file)

Thank you, Robert Osborne, for bringing to light what's been nagging at us about Kate Winslet's thrilling but shocking double-win at Sunday's Golden Globes. The nut of the nag: How could she possibly be called a supporting actress for "The Reader"?

As he writes in his column for The Hollywood Reporter:

I'm in favor of actors getting all the awards and rewards they can comfortably haul away in a stretch limo, but it seems time for a reality check here. Who in "Reader" does the noble Kate support? She is the hub and thrust of the story. She's the one with top billing. Further, she plays her character throughout the entire movie, unlike teammates David Kross and Ralph Fiennes, who take turns playing younger-older versions of one person.

Pretending that Winslet's "Reader" role is a supporting one negates why the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences inaugurated a supporting category in the first place, which was to honor work by actors with only limited screen time.

Keep an eye out come Oscar nomination time -- Thursday of next week! -- for the same "put 'em in that category to guarantee the win" trick. The SAGs nominated Dev Patel, the star of "Slumdog MIllionaire," in the supporting actor category, as well, and the Oscars might do the same. Given that he is the slumdog and the resulting millionaire of the title, that's nothing short of absurd.

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