Stars still choke up about loss of Ledger

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Recalling co-star Heath Ledger's tragic death still chokes up Maggie Gyllenhaal, even during the excitement of the Golden Globes.

"It's so hard to really feel how sad it is with the lights and the television and everybody screaming, but you know it's also very sad," Gyllenhaal, her voice choking, said on the red carpet before tonight's Globes.

Ledger, who died last January of an accidental drug overdose, won posthumous rave reviews for his performance as Batman's nemesis The Joker.

"Our movie I think is great, actually. But I think he elevated it to a completely different place," she said of Ledger's performance. "It's hard to be that good in a movie that big."

The role earned Ledger a Golden Globe nomination as best supporting actor.

"I hope that he wins. I think it's all right if he doesn't," Gyllenhaal said wistfully.


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