Oscars by the numbers

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The Oscars from zero to hero:

0 -- Number of times an animated film has won the best picture. With no "WALL-E" nomination today, that figure will stand.

0 -- Number of times a superhero movie has been nominated for the best picture. Ditto this year -- no "Dark Knight" nod.

$0 -- What seat fillers get paid to occupy empty seats during the awards show.

$1 -- How much an Oscar statuette is allegedly worth. Since 1950, the Academy has made all winners sign an agreement that they or their heirs won't sell the trophy without first offering to sell it back to the Academy for a buck.

3 -- Number of films that have done a clean sweep of the big five awards (best picture, director, actor, actress and screenplay). And they are: "It Happened One Night," "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" and "The Silence Of The Lambs."

10 -- Age of the youngest ever winner of an acting Oscar, Tatum O'Neal -- best supporting actress for "Paper Moon."

11 -- Most Oscars ever won by one film -- actually achieved three times by "Ben-Hur," "Titanic" and "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King."

13.5 inches -- Height of the Oscar statue.

a little more than 16 minutes -- Amount of time Anthony Hopkins was on screen in his Oscar-winning role as Hannibal Lecter in "Silence of the Lambs," the shortest role to win best actor.

22 -- Number of proper Oscars won by Walt Disney, making him the most successful individual in Oscar history. He's also been given four honorary Oscars.

38 -- Number of Emmy Awards that the Academy Awards telecasts have won.

40 minutes -- Minimum length of a film to be eligible for the main Oscars.

45 -- Number of nominations composer John Williams has had. (He won five of them.)

80 -- Age of the oldest performers to win acting Oscars: George Burns for 1975's "The Sunshine Boys" and Jessica Tandy for 1989's "Driving Miss Daisy." (For the record, she was 80 years, 292 days old and he was a mere 80 years and 69 days old.)

150 -- Estimated number of Oscar statuettes that have been sold (despite the Academy's $1 buy-back contract).

$5,000 -- Cost of getting your product into the gift bags that Distributive Assets delivers to nominees' homes. (The academy no longer allows gift bags at the ceremony.)

6,000 -- Rough number of people who are eligible to vote in the Oscar ballots (the Academy doesn't say exactly how many members it has).

$7,500 -- The day rate for a top hairdresser -- in this case, Adir Abergel of Frédéric Fekkai --to do an actress's hair for the 2008 Oscars.

$1 million to $2 million -- The typical box office gross for an award-winning film the weekend after the Oscars -- depending on how long it has been in theaters.

$1.5 million -- Highest price of an Oscar statuette when sold at auction. It was "Gone With The Wind's" 1939 best picture Oscar, and it was bought by Michael Jackson.

$1.7 million -- The cost of a 30-second advertising spot during the 2008 Oscars broadcast.

$20 million -- Price of the most expensive single piece of jewelry ever worn to the Oscars: a Harry Winston 15-carat blue diamond necklace that Gloria Stuart, nominee for best supporting actress for "Titanic," wore in 1998.

29,160,000 -- Average American TV audience for the 2008 ceremony, the lowest number for 39 years.

$935,901,132 -- How much more "The Dark Knight" has made at the box office than "Slumdog Millionaire" (as of Jan. 19 -- $997,033,655 against $61,132,523).

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