Golden Globes? Boooooooo!

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Grumpy Brit journalist Toby Young trashes the Golden Globes in a missive fired yesterday from the Independent web site. He attempts to deconstruct why the Globes are the "standing joke" of awards season, and accuses the Hollywood Foreign Press Assoc. -- the paltry 81 of them -- of being "completely starstruck" and easily bribed with gifts ...

The nut of his argument:

"So why does everyone look down their noses at them? Principally because the members of the HFPA are completely starstruck. Every year they are showered with expensive presents, invited to special dinners and flown to exotic locations - all in the name of some movie promotion or other. A typical junket will end with the stars of the film in question dutifully posing for photographs with every single member of the association, a process that usually takes several hours. Some of the hacks even bring their pets along to appear in the photos.

"Not surprisingly, this policy of deluging members with free stuff can pay dividends. In 1982, for instance, Pia Zadora's multi-millionaire husband flew all 89 members to Las Vegas for a two-day junket. In return, the grateful hacks crowned the less-than-stellar actress 'New Star of the Year' - the same year, in fact, that she won 'Worst New Star' and 'Worst Actress' in the Razzies, the awards that recognise the worst the film industry has to offer."

Wow, so the Razzies are more reputable than the Globes? Does this guy wear a monocle?

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