Are '30 Rock's' awards keeping its audience away?

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One of our favorite bloggers, Edward Copeland, has this to say about the SAG Awards last night:

These opening "I'm an actor" bits are getting really old. Thank God for Will Arnett and Steve Carell...Was there an overriding theme to that Trailblazers montage? Someone explain to me the connection between topical TV episodes of "Maude" and "All in the Family" and films such as "Milk" and "Boys Don't Cry" and sci-fi and horror films such as "Planet of the Apes" and "Frankenstein" ... Every time "30 Rock" cleans up at an awards show, it makes me feel more strongly like never watching it ... Damn, I was hoping Alan Rosenberg would resign for his mismanagement of the union ... Do all award voters fear Kiefer Sutherland will waterboard them if they don't keep nominating him for "24"? ... I didn't realize Robert Doqui had died. The living members of the "Nashville" ensemble grows smaller and smaller ... If "Slumdog" even wins ensemble, you know it's a lock for best picture.

The comment thread, meanwhile, finds a horse race in the acting categories, despite Meryl Streep's win. "Kate Winslet is overdue. If she were any more overdue, she'd be eleven months pregnant."

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