Golden Globes nominees: TV (HBO! 'Man Men'! Tina Fey!)

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"Is that what you're wearing to the Globes, dear?" Jon Hamm and January Jones in "Mad Men," both nominated. (File)

The HBO psychotherapy series "In Treatment" and the movie dramatization of the 2000 election aftermath "Recount" both earned five Golden Globes nominations this morning.

"In Treatment" was nominated for best television drama, with series star Gabriel Byrne, Melissa George, Dianne Weist and Blair Underwood getting nods for their acting. "Recount" will compete for best TV movie or miniseries, with Kevin Spacey, Tom Wilkinson, Laura Dern and Denis Leary nominated for their acting.

Completing the good day for HBO, its miniseries "John Adams" earned four nominations.

Meanwhile, Tina Fey's magical run continued. The show she created and in which she stars, NBC's "30 Rock," earned a nomination for best comedy and Fey received a best actress nod.

Fox's "House" was the only broadcast nominee for best TV drama. Besides "In Treatment," other nominees were HBO's "True Blood," Showtime's "Dexter" and the reigning Emmy winner, AMC's "Mad Men."

Showtime's "Weeds" and "Californication," HBO's "Entourage" and NBC's "The Office" will compete with "30 Rock" for best TV comedy.

Jon Hamm and January Jones of "Mad Men" both earned nominations for best actors in a television drama.

Hamm and Byrne are competing against Hugh Laurie's damaged doctor in "House," Michael C. Hall in Showtime's "Dexter" and Jonathan Rhys Meyers of Showtime's "The Tudors."

Other best actress nominees were Sally Field of ABC's "Brothers and Sisters," Mariska Hargitay of "Law & Order: SVU," Anna Paquin of HBO's "True Blood" and Kyra Sedgwick of TNT's "The Closer."


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