Globes pondering: Is 'W.' a comedy or a drama?

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We left the theater after seeing Oliver Stone's "W." biopic feeling pretty sad, actually. Sure, we chuckled a few times -- if you don't laugh at this debacle, you cry -- but the dramatic narrative of a doofus elevated to a kingship was, in the end, kinda depressing.

The makers of the film, however, hope you concentrate on the chuckles. They're entering it for Golden Globes consideration as a comedy.

It's an old trick -- compete in a less competitive category, you stand a better chance of winning a trophy. As Steven Zeitchik points out in his Hollywood Reporter column on the matter, "The Antonio Banderas knee-slapper 'The Mask of Zorro' made it [into the comedy category]. The Judd Apatow-inspired 'Pride and Prejudice' landed there. And who can forget that laugh riot from 2006, 'The Squid and the Whale?' "

No word yet on whether it takes. Probably won't be till nominations come Dec. 11.

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