Chicago Music Awards nominees next week

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The CMAs are tonight. But, wait, the CMAs are just announcing nominees ...?

Ah, the country music awards are tonight. Next week, the other CMAs: the Chicago Music Awards.

Nominees for the 28th annual Chicago Music Awards will be announced at 1 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 19, at Exposure Tapas Restaurant, 1313 South Wabash.

The ceremony will take place Jan. 18, featuring performances by "past and present nominees." This year's show also is being billed "in honor of Chicago son Barack Obama, Nation's First African-American President."

From the press release: "The annual gala event recognizes musical talent originating from Chicago. The only event of its kind, the CMA honors entertainers in all musical genres and celebrates their contributions to Chicago's richly diverse musical culture. The Awards also recognize producers, night clubs, radio stations and others who make the music possible."

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