Where are the real Emmys? In the garage

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The backstage trophy table was the place to be for serious celebrity watching at Sunday's 60th annual Primetime Emmy Awards -- never mind that it was in the basement of a parking garage.

At one point Conan O'Brien was chatting on his cell phone as Amy Poehler and her husband, Will Arnett, walked by on their way to the elevator that would take them to the press tent. Kiefer Sutherland strolled by the trophy table just ahead of Tom Selleck. Christian Slater paused to wave to a group of firefighters working the awards show.

Also walking by the table that contained some five dozen Emmy statuettes was Lily Tomlin, who joked, ''I like these three.''

Emmy winner Jeremy Piven, best supporting actor in a comedy series, surveyed the hardware laid out before him and joked, ''It looks like Hanukkah!''

The Emmy that each winner carries off stage is just a prop. Winners give it back and head to the table in the parking garage adjacent to the Nokia Theatre to collect the real one.
They are allowed to pick out the one they want.

''Can I pick any one? Are you serious?'' asked Paul Giamatti, winner for actor in a miniseries or movie. ''It's bizarre that you get to pick your own.''

Stephen Colbert, who won a writing award for a variety, music or comedy program, said he knew just which Emmy to take home. It had appeared to him in a dream the night before.

As the evening progressed, the gathering at the table turned into a bit of a love fest, with winners introducing themselves to one another, each saying he or she was a fan of the other one.

Lorne Michaels, holding an Emmy he'd won for ''30 Rock,'' told ''Mad Men'' star John Slattery, ''Your show is fabulous.''

Tina Fey told Josh Groban she loved the medley of TV theme songs he performed during the show.

''That was fantastic by the way. It was the highlight of the evening,'' said Fey, holding the three Emmys she won for ''30 Rock.''

Glenn Close, a winner for actress in a drama series, got caught in the crowd and had trouble with the long train of her dress.

''Never again,'' she said. ''Next time, pajamas.''

As the winners were collecting their Emmys and congratulating one another, eight limo drivers sat nearby, embroiled in an intense poker game. The drivers were paying the celebrities absolutely no heed.


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