Tonight's Emmys could be record-breaking

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Cable ascendancy in our TV-watching habits -- especially our primetime schedules -- became clear with this year's slate of Emmy nominees, and tonight it could make history. Twice.

"Mad Men," AMC's acclaimed new drama set in a 1960s advertising firm, may become the first show from a basic-cable network to win the Emmy for best drama. HBO, a pay-cable channel, has won it before. And "Mad Men" is the heavy favorite going into tonight's ceremony.

Meanwhile, HBO still has a chance to blaze another Emmy trail: Its miniseries "John Adams" could tie or surpass the record for most wins by a miniseries. It would be HBO breaking its own record. The network's miniseries adaptation of the play "Angels in America" won 11 Emmys in 2004.

The networks have notched one note in the record book this year, though. NBC's sitcom "30 Rock," starring Tina Fey, received a record 17 nods this year -- the most for a comedy series in one year.

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If I wanted political advertisements and endorsements, I would watch the commercials. Why don't you keep politics out of the broadcasting, for once. Turning the channel. Goody bye.

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