Sneak peeks at this week's Emmy preparations

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A few images of the preparations going on this week for Sunday's Emmys:

Emmy Awards-2.jpg
Today they rolled out the red carpet for you -- well, for the stars, anyway -- in front of the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. (Photos by Nick Ut/AP)

Emmy Awards.jpg
Daisy Ramirez sweeps the carpet in a ballroom of the Los Angeles Convention Center during preparations for the Governors Ball, held after the Emmys.

Emmy Awards-1.jpg
Director Louis Horvitz stands before the front rows inside the Nokia Theater, with many of the seats marked with celebrities' names and photos so the camera operators can practice.

Hearts On Fire.jpg
The $10 million Hearts On Fire Diamond Chandelier inside the Architectural Digest Green Room backstage at the Nokia Theater. More about this ridiculously opulent green room this year.

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