Sept. 30 and already a round of Oscar predictions?

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Toronto Film Festival The W.jpg
Yegods -- Mickey Rourke is back, pictured at the recent Toronto Film Festival. (AP)

The trailers at the movieplex this weekend were one long menu for the upcoming smorgasbord of Oscar bait. And even though many of these films haven't opened yet -- and it's barely October -- we already have our first round of Oscar predictions!

The Envelope, another awards-show blog, has a chart of early predictions up now, pooling the opinions of seven different entertainment pundits.

No surprise: This early, the only conclusion to be reached is just "how wide open the top races are." Two women begin to stand out as contenders for best actress, though: Kate Winslet for "Revolutionary Road" and Angelina Jolie for "Changeling." And get ready for the comeback of Mickey Rourke for his already much talked-about role in "The Wrestler."

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I sure hope Mickey Rourke wins this year. He's a great actor and hasn't won an award yet. This should be his year.

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