Jeremy Piven and his Emmy ... flying high?

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Daily Variety asked Chicago-area native Jeremy Piven how he received his Emmy news this morning -- nominated again for best comedy actor, for his role in "Entourage" -- and he replied:

"I was sitting in a hot-air balloon somewhere over the Indian Ocean, and I had nothing but a rusty compass in my hand, and I was shivering, and a carrier pigeon delivered the news to me ... or my publicist called me."

Piven won his second Emmy for that role last year.

Other celebrities reacted ...

''It's exciting. You kind of just mentally prepare yourself for either way, like if it happens, great, if it doesn't. ... But in the moment, that kind of all goes out the window and you hope it does.'' -- Last year's winner America Ferrera on her nomination as lead actress in a comedy series for ''Ugly Betty.''

''I'm thrilled that they've added this category, and thrilled to be part of this virgin group, if you will. ... I was sitting in a room by myself, and I said, 'Congratulations ... to me.''' -- Tom Bergeron of ''Dancing With the Stars,'' a nominee in a new category recognizing hosts of reality or reality-competition shows.

''I'm not going to start drinking. I'm going to start exercising so I can fit into my Emmy dress. By the way, I'm not kidding. I'm actually going to go and have a massive workout this morning.'' -- Julia Louis-Dreyfus, nominated for lead actress in a comedy series for ''The New Adventures Of Old Christine.''

''I was laying in bed and I heard the phone ringing and I jumped up outta there because I thought, 'Oh god, I know what this is.' My agent would've let me sleep, I think, if I had not gotten the nomination. I figured it was the beginning of a busy day. To start with, I couldn't find the phone! So I wasn't able to answer, so I called him back and he gave me the news.'' -- ''Lost'' star Michael Emerson, nominated for supporting actor in a drama series.

''I'm very honored. It never gets old. I do, but it doesn't.'' -- Last year's winner Sally Field on her nomination as lead actress in a drama series for ''Brothers & Sisters.''

''When you're younger and you get nominated, there was part of me -- I don't know if I took it for granted -- but now it's a very rich experience. This is really lovely.'' -- Ted Danson, nominated for supporting actor in a drama series for ''Damages.''

''It's just sort of the frosting on the cake. There's a lot of frustrating things about the business, and this is one of the things that's sort of an extra-special nice thing.'' -- Jean Smart, nominated for supporting actress in a comedy series for ''Samantha Who?''

''I'm thrilled. It's fantastic, it's wonderful. It's funny because this morning I woke up at 5:20 L.A. time and I sort of was half -- I mean, actually, that's a lie -- I was wholly waiting for the phone to ring.'' -- Kyra Sedgwick on her third consecutive nomination for lead actress in a drama series for ''The Closer.''


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Those quotes were a fun read. =)

It's always interesting to see what people say especially about such big news. Now that's one wake-up call that everyone probably enjoys!

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