Emmys come down to 'The Wire' -- and snub it again

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Episode #409.jpg
"The Wire" on HBO: Tray Chaney (left) and Domenick Lombardozzi in an episode last year.

So what's with the Emmys so consistently snubbing "The Wire"?

New convert here: We didn't discover the HBO series until it hit home -- when its final season started exploring the hard times at the Baltimore Sun -- and then caught up on some back episodes. Consistently riveting drama, largely unique characterizations, and enthralling acting, not to mention a smart soundtrack. Topical, relevant, educational -- great TV all the way around.

Yet the voting body of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences apparently doesn't tune it in. Even after Barack Obama in January said it was his favorite show and that Omar Little was his favorite TV character. You'd think all of Hollywood would've started watching that weekend.

Guess not. The show got one nomination today: for writing.

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