Does 'Iron Man' deserve Oscar gold?

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Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr. make an appearance on MTV's "Total Request Live" to promote the movie. Dig Robert's pocket accessory. (Peter Kramer/AP)

We went, we saw, we loved it. "Iron Man" is a triumph, finally making a comic-book movie not seem so forced, so obligatory. We chalk it up to the great casting — Robert Downey Jr. (who we never tire of seeing described as "the best actor of his generation") and The Dude (a hardly recognizable Jeff Bridges playing a thankfully non-alien villain) — and, OK, the schlub factor.

We also find it interesting that the Pop Watch bloggers at Entertainment Weekly have taken the populist stance and called for the Academy to do some hard thinking — and consider Downey Jr. for an Oscar nomination. At the very least, it would be refreshing to have a slate of nominees from films the country — i.e., those same TV viewers you keep lamenting aren't watching the Oscars anymore, in droves — has actually seen.

What do you think? Was "Iron Man" just good escapist fun, or is it deserving of the Ultimate Nod? Comment below...

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Absolutely! It was good escapist fun AND a well-thought-out, well-executed movie, due in large part to RDJ's thoughtful, tastefully dramatic, and humorous approach toward embodying the persona of Tony Stark. And more than ten people have seen it!

Hell Yeah! Best film of da summer! Indy 4 and Batman 6 gotta stiff competition! Fink Oscars wud b betr if more action hero movies wer nominated instead ov da crappy depressing ones which da academy only likes an ovrs hate!

This is the movie i have enjoyed the most since Bourne Ultimatum, i was seriously tempted to go see it a second time. Robert Downey did what few other actors have done in Superhero films in recent years.I was enjoying the movie long before IRON MAN appeared.
It was not whinny and long winded ,over drawn soap like Spidey

As a long time Iron Man reader, I couldn't wait for the movie and was not dissapointed. This was perhaps the best comic adaptation to come down the pike in years. Great job!!!

I don't know if anyone will get an oscar for a superhero movie. I have read at length about the contributions Robert made to make this movie a success. There has never been any doubt in my mind that this man is a genius and a true American treasure. He has obviously worked very hard to make this movie as good as it is. Robert has always done this. There should be a new kind of oscar. He deserves the oscar for cumulative acting excellence in everything he has ever done!

Loved the film, 'though I felt it had some flaws. However, Robert Downey Jr. as the hero was completely unexpected, brilliant and a revelation. He made the movie. The movie may not deserve and Oscar nod, but he certainly does.

I truly believe this is Downy Jr's great comeback, he has always demonstrated his ability to act. No doubt he deserves a an Oscar.

Iron Man great movie, exquisite dialogue, no faul language, no nudity, great cast...!!!!

You know, Downey Jr. made the film. If somebody else had been given the title role, I don't think it would've worked. He deserves at least an Oscar nomination.

Millions of people are going to the movie theaters to see Iron Man. Not because of the CGi (there are films that have more of that and they still bomb at the box office), but it's all due to Downey Jr's performence. He needs to be given credit for that... especially in this day and age where movie studios are losing money to DVD's and piracy.

I think we'll see a lot of Oscar nominations - certainly Best Actor, Best Director, and don't forget the writing and the amazing autocad special effects (and other special effects, of course.)

Hot, cool adrenaline ride. Loved it.


Robert D definately deserves something for this movie..This movie was brillance..The acting, directing, writing, special effects, sound effects were nailed perfectly..Superb effort.

Crap! What a waste of my $12. Does anyone else find it strange that a guy with futuristic wireless technology is still has to send his assistant to the office to "download" files? Lazy writing just to move the plot. What a waste!

A great film, far more enjoyable than earlier super hero movie attempts, even my wife enjoyed it, a first for a super hero flick. Robert Downey Jnr made the film, he was so different to previous actors - definitely deserves an Oscar nomination. Best Marvel adaptation so far - a great adventure.

GREATEST movie I've ever seen!!! Love Robert Downey Jr!!!!! thumbs up! including my toe!

Best comic book film i've ever seen...hell best movie ive seen in a couple of years. Don't get me wrong, loved no country for old men. But Iron Man is the true essence of cinema. A good old fashioned action adventure movie, with a great story. I'm not often satisfied when i go to the movies these days, but every once in a while i'm delightfully surprised. Ill put down my 14 bucks a couple of times for this one.

I work at the movies, i see every movie that is released. This is by far one of the best. Oscar nods. I don't know, ive yet to see what spielberg has to offer me in june, but Robert Downey is long overdue for some praise. The man has been there and back again.

The film really is, what it is because of him. I'm wary of sequels, even in the capable hands of bob and favrau. See- what happened with johnny and gore.

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