Will Amy Winehouse make the Grammys?

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Amy Winehouse is still scheduled to be a featured performer at Sunday's Grammys. Today, People reports, she left rehab to visit the American embassy in London to fill out her visa application ...

People quotes: "The appointment at the U.S. Embassy was made some time ago and was part of process for obtaining a visa," said Winehouse's rep, adding that "no decision" has been made about her California trip.

He added: "Amy was accompanied by a nurse as the appointment was under supervision. She has not left rehab and remains under the care of the clinic."

Winehouse went into rehab on Jan. 24 after a video surfaced that purportedly showed her smoking crack cocaine, which no doubt will cause problems with her visa application. She is nominated for six Grammys, including album of the year, song of the year and record of the year and best new artist.

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