What Time is it? The original band, at the Grammys

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It’s going to be an ’80s flashback at Sunday’s Grammy Awards when Jimmy Jam revisits his musical roots in a one-night-only reunion with The Time.

‘‘We can’t remember the last time we all played together,’’ the 48-year-old record producer said.

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, former high-school classmates in Minneapolis, formed a band called Flyte Time that evolved into The Time.

In 1981, they were joined by Morris Day and toured with Prince as Morris Day and the Time. Their hits included ‘‘Cool,’’ ‘‘Get It Up’’ and ‘‘The Walk.’’

By decade’s end, Jam and Lewis had moved on to produce a string of hit albums for Janet Jackson, becoming a powerhouse songwriting and production team.

Jam, chairman of The Recording Academy, is working on new albums with Usher and Chicago's award-winning Jennifer Hudson.

He rehearsed Wednesday for the Grammys, which will air Sunday on CBS. The group will join Rihanna in performing a song he wouldn’t reveal.

‘‘I’m shocked at how quickly it all came back,’’ Jam said. ‘‘We’re having a great time. ... We’re getting along so good. We’re just soaking up the whole atmosphere.’’

The group has mended fences with Prince, too.

‘‘We’ve had our differences over the years, but he remains a big fan of ours,’’ Jam said.


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