Wha??? Kanye and Wino both get spanked

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Proud as we are to have another Chicago-bred musician win album of the year — and, yes, we know, jazz never wins top Grammys, so boo-yah — we're shocked, shocked I say, that Herbie Hancock came out of nowhere to win the top award at tonight's Grammys.

Poor Kanye was nervous, his head bowed, no doubt contemplating how he'd react either way — a glorious win or an even crazier wig-out if he lost. And Amy Winhouse sat on the edge of the stage in London, biting her lip, looking a bit spacey, as usual. Who would win? Who would win?

Neither. Kanye and Wino must have split the vote and in came Herbie @#$%! Hancock. This is almost as unjust as Steely Dan winning it the year Eminem deserved it. We keep getting our hopes up, and we keep getting painful reminders of this: This is all about old people. Sigh.

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Herbie Hancock's win was a triumph of taste over trendiness, of music over marketing. When people are using Wino and West discs as coasters, they'll still be listening to Herbie. What a great Grammy choice!

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