Slow start to the show, early winners and (finally!) a supporting actor

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Am I remembering this correctly: Haven't the Oscars always started the show with the best supporting actor and best supporting actress awards? It was a way to start with a zinger, something people are interested in, as opposed to tonight's first-hour run through the categories only Hollywood hardcores really care about.

But, after more than 45 minutes, here comes our first acting award, presented by Chicago's own winner of this award, Jennifer Hudson, and (ahem) the winner is ...

Best supporting actor: Javier Bardem for "No Country for Old Men"

Watch the video now:

The other winners thus far tonight:

Costume design: "Elizabeth: The Golden Age"
Animated feature: "Ratatouille"
Makeup: "La Vie en Rose"
Visual effects: "The Golden Compass"
Art direction: "Sweeney Todd"

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