Overheard at the 80th Oscars ...

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Quotes from tonight’s 80th annual Academy Awards at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles:

‘‘I’m speechless. ... Thank you life. Thank you love. It is true there (are) some angels in this city.’’ — Marion Cotillard, after winning best-actress Oscar for ‘‘La Vie en Rose.’’

‘‘George Clooney, you know, the seriousness and the dedication to your art, seeing you climb into that rubber batsuit from ‘Batman & Robin’ — the one with the nipples, every morning under your costume, on the set, off the set, hanging upside-down at lunch — you rock man.’’ — Tilda Swinton, thanking ‘‘Michael Clayton’’ co-star George Clooney after winning best supporting actress trophy.

‘‘Thank you to the Coens for being crazy enough to think that I could do that and put one of the most horrible haircuts [in] history over my head.’’ — Javier Bardem, thanking directors Ethan and Joel Coen while accepting the best supporting actor Oscar for ‘‘No Country for Old Men.’’

‘‘I feel probably like Eli Manning felt at the Super Bowl. Glad to be in the show, ready for anything.’’ — Viggo Mortensen, nominated for best actor in ‘‘Eastern Promises.’’

‘‘Unfortunately, so often the roles are not good enough for the women, but the roles for the men are always wonderful.’’ — Helen Mirren.

‘‘The prospect of all this is rather daunting. The actual practice of it is all right. I’m enjoying myself.’’ — Tom Wilkinson, supporting actor nominee for ‘‘Michael Clayton,’’ on his Oscar red carpet experience.

And some quips from host Jon Stewart:

— ‘‘The fight is over. So tonight, welcome to the makeup sex.’’ (on the post-strike Oscars)
— ‘‘If we stay the course, we can turn these movies around.’’ (on the plethora of financially unsuccessful Iraq movies)
— ‘‘Oscar is 80 this year, which makes him now automatically the front-runner for the Republican [presidential] nomination.’’
— ‘‘Normally when you see a black man or a woman president, an asteroid is about to hit the Statue of Liberty.’’


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